Oxford English Dictionary Adds 'Jedi,' 'Padawan' and More Star Wars Terms

The Oxford English Dictionary has recently added not one, not two, but four new words pulled from the Star Wars franchise.

The noun "Jedi" was added to the dictionary, defined as, "A member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks." Along with it was the noun "Padawan," which the OED defines as being an "apprentice Jedi." Their signature weapon was also added. "Lightsaber" is almost broadly defined in the dictionary as "a weapon resembling a sword, but having a destructive beam of light in place of a blade."

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Of course, these additions to the public lexicon also brought certain changes to old words. The word "force" now has a second definition for the capitalized noun form: "a mystical universal energy field," a definition now referred to for the noun phrase "mind trick."

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This should come as no surprise. The Star Wars franchise is more than 40 years old and is arguably one of the most commonly referenced film franchises across the globe. With one final film left in the current saga and several more television shows and trilogies yet to come, it will be interesting to see if and how the franchise continues to impact our culture and language.

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