Own The Zeitgiest: What Do You Want To Be The Next Zombies/Vampires/Aliens?

Now that the Hollywood Reporter is asking whether Zombies Are The New Vampires, it's clear that zombies are already over. While it's clear that the next big thing is going to be aliens (No, really), what I want to know from you is: What should the Next Big Thing After That be?

I have no idea why I'm so amused by the Hollywood Reporter's story - maybe because it feels like the "Are Zombies the New Pirates" meme from a few years ago? - but it does make me wonder: Vampires really have owned media for a surprisingly long time, now, and it's really getting past time for them to give something else a chance... but what? I'm leaving that one up to you to convince me: What does mass entertainment need more of? What should - or even could - be the kind of thing to inflame fan passions in a similar way to Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries? Educate me in the comments, people.

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