Ovi Nedelcu's "Pigtale" debuts from Image Comics in January

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Start with a scooter-driving private investigator, add an intelligenttalking pig, toss in an evil wolf intent on conquering Portland afterdestroying both pig and detective (plus anyone in between), and what haveyou got?

You've got fresh talent Ovi Nedelcu's PIGTALE, a new bimonthly ongoingseries, debuting this January from Image Comics.

PIGTALE tells the story of Boston Booth, an amateur private investigator inPortland, Oregon, as he tries to deal with a life turned upside down byfinancial and professional turmoil. Things take a dramatic twist for Bostonwhen he is introduced to Clyde, an intelligent talking pig desperate toescape from his evil step-brother, Taxx, a wolf hell-bent on destroyingClyde, and taking over the city while he's at it.

Nedelcu's singular sense of style and cinematic approach to storytelling hasearned raves from anyone who's seen the book, including superstar comicartist Mike Wieringo, who says Ovi's "jaw-dropping" style "is like nothingI've ever seen," and PIXAR animation story supervisor/artist Ronnie DelCarmen, who compares Nedclu's staging of scenes to "the spare style of ChuckJones."

Count Image publisher Erik Larsen among Nedelcu's fans.

"Pigtale is one of those books that fall out of the sky and you have towonder, 'Where the hell did THIS guy come from?,'" says Larsen. "And I meanthat in the best possible where-have-you-been-all-my-life kind of way. Thisguy is, simply put, incredible--and I've got a strong feeling about thisone. Generally, when that happens--it's a book that catches readers andretailers by surprise and they come back at me a few month later and say tome, 'why didn't you TELL ME this was going to be good?' well, we do--and wewill. And like Flight, Ultra, The Walking Dead, Firebreather and Invinciblebefore it--I think readers and retailers alike are simply going to fall inlove with this book."

And in case you think he's kidding, Larsen has a few last words for those onthe fence about PIGTALE:

"Seriously folks--this book is outstanding and you'll never stop kickingyourself if you miss it. This guy is GOOD."

PIGTALE, a bimonthly ongoing series, is available for preorder in theNovember issue of PREVIEWS. The first issue will be on sale January 12.

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