Overwatch Short Story Confirms Soldier: 76 Is Gay

A new piece of Overwatch lore has revealed the game's next queer character: Jack "Soldier 76" Morrison.

In Blizzard's new short story "Bastet," Jack reunites with former teammate and sniper Ana Amari. As Jack recovers from his injuries, Ana asks him about a man named Vincent, and Jack muses that he never was one to carry a long torch. After heavy speculating on social media, lead writer Michael Chu confirmed that Jack and Vincent previously dated years ago and that they're both gay.

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In the game's lore, Jack was the leader of the titular organization and the subject of a super soldier testing that left him and fellow member Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes the sole survivors. A power struggle between the two ensued, which helped contribute to the organization's downfall.

Since its 2016 release, Overwatch's cast has included characters of mostly diverse ethnicities and body types. Previously, the only other queer character was Lena "Tracer" Oxton, revealed in a 2017 Christmas comic. Vincent could be seen very briefly in a photo Jack viewed in that same comic.

Reactions on social media to Jack's coming out have been largely positive.

Overwatch is out now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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