Overwatch's New Hero is a Hamster, Really

Yes, you read that right. Blizzard has teased a new Hero for its team shooter Overwatch for the past couple of days, but finally revealed the champion in full this morning. The 28th playable character will be a cute little hamster who fights inside a giant bowling ball mech armed with machine guns.

At the moment, all signs point to this little guy being Hammond. In Overwatch lore, Hammond is the missing specimen off the Horizon Lunar Colony.

That colony was a scientific experiment that boosted the intelligence of gorillas, with the most famous being Winston, a playable Hero at launch. During the animal uprising, which took place on the moon, mind you, the subjects sent the scientists into space, and both Winston and Hammond were later classified as "missing," although that clearly isn't the case. There's also the chances he may be from the in-game world of Junkertown in Australia; his mech looks similar in design to the Wrecking Ball champion from Junkertown's fighting pits.

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There's still plenty about the hamster to be revealed, and it'll come when the game has its PTR on PC, more info should be disclosed about him, including his identity and move set. But for now, just try to take in the idea of playing as a cute rodent inside a deadly ball of death.

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