Overwatch Comic Reveals Tracer To Be the Game's First LGBT Character

It's official: Tracer is "Overwatch's" first openly LGBT character.

The reveal came in the latest installment of the "Overwatch" comic series, which is based on the popular game franchise. Penned by "Overwatch's" lead writer Michael Chu and drawn by Miki Montollo, the holiday-themed story finds Tracer racing against the clock as she searches for the perfect last minute gift for her significant other, who turns out to be a redhead named Emily. The comic also includes a touching two-page spread that shows the softer side of these hard-as-nails heroes and villains as they celebrate the holidays in their own ways.

Over the past year, Blizzard hinted that several of the characters in the game series are LGBT, which lead to a great deal of speculation among the game's fans. This speculation intensified last month, when Overwatch's lead character designer Geoff Goodman announced they would be revealing an LGBT character "very soon," adding, "There is an LGBT character in the game. It’s difficult, because we don’t want to just be weirdly heavy-handed with this. We have comics and a bunch of other media to show this. We don’t want to force something in the game that is just going to feel like it’s in people’s face."

Chu and Montollo's latest "Overwatch" comic is currently available to read online.

(via io9)

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