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Power Packed: 15 Characters You Had No Idea Were OP

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Power Packed: 15 Characters You Had No Idea Were OP

The landscape of comic books is filled to the brim with powerful superheroes. From heroes like Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, to the Mighty Thor, the God of Thunder, you can’t toss a rock in any comic book universe without hitting a well-known advocate of justice who can also throw you into the sun. Characters like the aforementioned Superman are ridiculously powerful, or OP as the case may be. Over the years these characters and their powers have evolved in order to either keep up with the expectations of readers or because the story demanded they do some crazy feat; like lift up the entire planet.

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These heroes, the A-list men and woman who don spandex to fight crime, are known by practically everyone. Yet there are also lesser known characters, or even characters you wouldn’t think anything of, that are more powerful than anyone gives them credit for. While these particular heroes might not hog the spotlight or sometimes are simply missing from comics for years, many are just as powerful as the Hulks and the Green Lanterns of their universes. Here at CBR we’re looking at 15 characters that are way more overpowered than you originally thought.


To start off with, we’re not talking about Clark Kent when he was Superboy, rather we’re talking about Superman’s clone, Kon-El. Yet it would later be revealed Kon was not a direct clone of Superman. While not quite on Superman’s strength level, partly because he has “boy” in his name, many people fail to see quite how strong Kon-El really is. Already supplied with typical Kryptonian powers, his most powerful ability, his telekinetic field, makes him nearly unstoppable.

Not only can he create a neigh impregnable telekinetic force field, but his patented tactile telekinesis lets him disassemble people or objects, shoot telekinetic blasts, repel objects or energy attacks, and he can manipulate objects, moving them into the air or wherever he wants. In the New 52, Superboy demonstrated enough strength to defeat the Teen Titans single-handedly and even knock out Martian Manhunter in a single blow.



One of the founding members of the Marvel superhero team the Fantastic Four, Sue Storm, otherwise known as the Invisible Woman, is so powerful that it’s mind-boggling. Many individuals, both comic book readers and characters within comic books, underestimate her power and overlook Sue and her abilities. After all, with a name like Invisible Woman, it’s pretty easy to think all she can do is turn invisible. In fact, the scope of her power is much larger.

While force fields are the centerpiece to her powers, she can do nearly everything Green Lantern can do, except doing it invisibly. Energy blasts, cutting off an opponent’s air, and even generating force bubbles in a person’s heart or brain, few can withstand her. Dubbed by Reed Richards as the FF’s most powerful member, she’s beaten the entirety of the Avengers and even defeated Doctor Doom with no problem.


Cannonball From X-Men

Sam Guthrie, or Cannonball when he suits up, first appeared as a member of the New Mutants. Under Professor Charles Xavier’s tutelage, Sam learned to master his powers and overcome his initial shyness he exhibited in early New Mutants stories. Cannonball, true to his name, has the mutant ability to fly towards opponents at jet speed; when he’s using his power, he’s incased in an impenetrable force field. It doesn’t matter who or what is attacking him, so long as Sam is in his Cannonball state, he’s protected from all harm.

Furthermore, Sam can direct his force field to encase other, but also absorbs outside kinetic attacks and turn them into power to increase the force behind his bludgeoning strikes. In fact, his ability is so great he’s defeated Gladiator, the leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and one of the strongest mortal beings in the universe.


Geo-Force DC

Brion Markov, also known in the superhuman community as Geo-Force, is the brother to the Teen Titan Terra and stronger than is probably reasonable. A member of Batman’s Outsiders team, he’s also teamed up with the Justice League of America on more than one occasion. Brion’s powers allow him to control not only the Earth’s terrain, but GRAVITY itself.

By manipulating the gravitational field of the planet, he can make an object either extremely heavy or very light; so long as his feet are planted, Geo-Force is able to give himself incredible superhuman strength. He can make force fields by further manipulating gravitational fields, or make objects like invisible bridges. Brion’s geokinesis allows him to turn the planet itself into a weapon, as he can create earthquakes, tap in lava flows, or shape the earth into a simple bludgeoning object. Fully unleashed Geo-Force is an OP Geo-Force.


Iceman from X-Men

Bobby Drake, Iceman, is also one of the founding members of the X-Men. The limits to his powers originally extended to covering himself in snow and throwing snowballs at people. That’s changed. Bobby is considered an Omega Level Mutant, one of the strongest beings on the planet; his potential is nearly limitless. Where cold and temperature are concerned, he’s all but a master of the elements.

If he wanted to, Iceman could plunge the Earth into another Ice Age and there wouldn’t be a thing anyone, including heroes like Thor, the God of Thunder, would be able to do to stop him. Actually, he’s done it, which gave him the ability to turn into water vapor and transfer his consciousness anyplace in the world, giving him God-like perception of events. Bobby can control water at a molecular level, make ice clones of himself; for all intents and purposes, Bobby is immortal.


Toni Monetti, or Argent one day learned she was half-alien. After this shocking revelation, and some comic book hijinks, she joined an incarnation of the Teen Titans. Though for a while she wasn’t much of an adventurer, at least until a friend of hers died, Toni was instrumental in recruiting new members for the Teen Titans.

On account of her seemingly being lost to the figurative ether, not having been seen in comics for years, Argent, nor her powers, are remembered well. They should be. Argent can do practically anything a Green Lantern can, as she can generate silver plasma energy constructs. Anything Argent can imagine, she can bring to the fold and use. It’s even said that her power is based off a similar wavelength to the green plasma energies of a Green Lantern ring.



Angelica Jones, or Firestar, is so powerful it’s scary. Most people only remember her from the Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends TV show; she’s been nearly lost to obscurity multiple times. Like many of her fellow mutants, Firestar’s suffered a troubled life. When it comes to raw power however, that’s something she’ll never have to worry about.

An ability like “microwave energy generation” doesn’t sound particularly astonishing, but rest assured, it’s nearly as OP an ability as they come. Firestar can tap into the planet’s electromagnetic field and turn it into blasts of microwave radiation. She’s constantly absorbing microwave energy from her surroundings, even the from the stars themselves and she doesn’t know the limits to her strength. Firestar constantly keeps her powers in check, never unleashing them to their maximum, as there’s the danger of permanently damaging, or even destroying, the Earth, in causing atmospheric or electromagnetic destruction.



The ‘90s were an interesting time for comics to say the least. The Avengers have gone through numerous iterations, but it was the ‘90s team that was the most “extreme”, as was the tone of the era. One of the team members was the magic user Sersi. If you don’t remember her, it’s okay, she hasn’t been seen in years. Yet back when she was a part of the Avengers, her powers were unmatched.

One of the younger Eternals, Sirse has an incredible range of abilities at her disposal. Virtually immortal, Sersi has telekinesis, telepathy, and can shoot frighteningly powerful blasts of cosmic energy. If that weren’t enough, it’s her matter transmutation that makes her especially dangerous and OP. With the wave of a hand, Sirsi can literally change anything or anyone into whatever she desires. The ability’s only limit is the plot and the writer of the particular story.


Alison Blaire is weirdly one of those characters readers either love or hate. Despite being a mutant with incredible superpowers, she gets a bad reputation for her time singing disco anthems in clubs and rolling around on glittery roller blades. Granted, first and foremost, Dazzler is a singer, and a pretty excellent one at that, but it’s her mutant power of converting sound into various types of light that distinguishes her from her X-Men brethren.

At first, she only used this ability to make her live shows extra groovy, literally dazzling her audience. Later, she learned her powers’ potential; she can turn sound into focused hard-light blasts. Any sound she hears she can turn into raw power, power that’s been enough to take out folks like the Hulk, Galactus, and she’s even killed Thanos in a What If?. The uses of converting sound to light (and photons) are virtually endless.


Arthur Light, or Doctor Light when he’s feeling fancy, is a psychopathic sadist, and that’s putting it nicely. He first ended up fighting the Justice League, but after several defeats, he went on to fight the younger Teen Titans. It was later discovered during Identity Crisis, that Light had raped Sue Dibny, the wife of Elongated Man. In response, the Justice League wiped his mind. However, once he got his memories and power back, Light was stronger than ever.

Doctor Light can create force fields, absorb energy, including ambient light in any area, can turn invisible, cast hard-light illusions and can project light-based energy attacks. Doctor Light’s power comes from the ability to freely control and manipulate all matter of light, whether it be heat vision or the power from a Green Lantern ring. The exact limits to his power are unknown.


Mattie Franklin goes by the moniker of Spider-Woman these days, but she’s not the first to have held the title. And while she might not be able to shoot cosmic rays or destroy the world, Mattie is far more OP than you might imagine. Aside from possessing all of Spider-Man’s powers, after she took part in a the Gathering of Five ceremony, Mattie was bestowed the gift of “Power.” The power boost put her on Spidey’s level and then some as it also allowed her to fly at subsonic speeds.

Following a battle with Charlotte Witter, Mattie lost her powers but then acquired Witter’s abilities, along with the power of every previous Spider-Woman before her, i.e. Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter and Madame Web. This let her generate powerful bio-electric blasts, create webbing of psionic energy, grow psychic spider-legs, and even granted her telepathic and precognitive abilities.



Illyana Rasputin is the mutant sister to her more famous X-Men brother Colossus. Illyana endured severe trauma and hardship starting at a very early age when she got abducted to Limbo at the age of six. Eventually she was rescued, but the experience changed her.

An incredibly powerful sorcerer, while Doctor Strange might be the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, she is the Sorceress Supreme of the Limbo dimension. She utilizes a blend of dark magic that can and has beaten the dreaded Dormammu without a second thought. Magik can time travel, travel between dimensions, travel across both continents and the galaxy in a heartbeat, and can bring anyone she wants down into Limbo with her. Additionally, her psionic shields are so strong, even telepaths like Charles Xavier or Rachel Summers can’t read her mind.



The son of Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as the Scarlet Witch, Billy Kaplan is easily one of the most powerful beings on Earth. His mom is known for her hex powers, which have saved the day, and ruined it, on more than one occasion, even going so far as to wipe out the mutant gene and killing off several Avengers; it’s nothing compared to Billy’s potential.

He can do everything his mother can and more. The Sorcerer Supreme of the future, Wiccan’s reality-warping power is essentially only limited by his conscience, and unlike his mom, he can control it. Billy’s power is so great, the Avengers are constantly keeping an eye on him; afraid he might one day lose control and destroy the planet and/or reality.


monica rambeau

Monica Rambeau, who has gone by names like Spectrum and Captain Marvel, is easily one of Marvel’s most powerful mortals. Heck, she’s on the verge of transcending mortality as we know it. Early in her superhero career, after acquiring hard light and energy powers, she met Spider-Man who promptly introduced her to the Avengers. From there, she played a pivotal role in the team, even leading it for a while.

Both Captain America and Iron Man have classified Monica as an Alpha Level Threat; she can transform herself into any form of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. From there, she gains all of that energy’s properties. Monica can travel and think at the speed of light and can, if she wishes, summon enough power to destroy a planet. At the end of the day, her only limits are the ones writers impose on her.


One of Batman’s most popular villains, Poison Ivy is also one of his most fearsome. Poison Ivy is leagues above the Caped Crusader and has the potential to take on nearly any superhero. While Poison Ivy might have started off by using her feminine wiles to get ahead, her powers have grown since.

Poison Ivy is known for enchanting men with her plant-based spores, strutting around in nothing but a wardrobe made of leaves, but Pamela is capable of so much more. Her pheromone control is so great she can even control Superman. Furthermore, she can control practically all plant life on Earth, or at least can animate the majority of plant life, occasionally mutating them so they turn into giant building-sized plant-based engines of destruction. Able to access the mystical plant energy known as the Green, she shares a connection with the world’s vegetation.

Which of these characters do you think is the strongest? Let us know in the comments!

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