Cartoon Catastrophe: 15 Totally Overpowered Cartoon Characters

When you hear the term "overpowered," the first things you tend to think of would probably be Superman for comics, and the characters with the cheapest/spammiest moves in video games. But what about cartoons? A lot of TV shows featuring superpowers or the like tend to be adaptations of superhero comics, but not all of them. There are plenty of original cartoons featuring characters with unique and powerful abilities, weapons or skills. In fact, you could say that a good chunk of these cartoon characters are OVERpowered. Seriously, even Superman would have a hard time taking on some of the most powerful cartoon characters.

Overpowered can mean a few things; it can mean that a characters' power or weapon is way too powerful, and thus they are never truly in danger, it can mean that the character simple has too many powers or special skills, or it can mean that a superpower that isn't given a second thought is actually a god-level ability. We found examples of all three of these definitions of overpowered within the world of animation, some that could be considered gods in both their world and ours. With that here are 15 cartoon characters that are WAY too overpowered.


Rick is smart, there's no doubt about that. He considers himself to be the smartest person in this, or any other reality, and he might just be right in that assumption. This of course comes at the cost of Rick being an emotionally stunted, nihilistic cynic with little to no concern about anyone besides himself. However, Rick's intellect has led to some insane inventions.

There are of course the inventions we've seen over the course of Rick and Morty, like his portal gun, a spaceship made from garbage and arsenals upon arsenals of hyper-futuristic weapons. We've also seen Rick make things on the fly, creating forms of escape, defense and offense from the junk he finds in his surroundings, including alien animals and body parts. If this wasn't enough, Rick is also constantly armed with cybernetic enhancements and personal defenses.


We could cut the argument of He-Man being overpowered down to the simple fact that, within the context of the show, he is described to be the most powerful man in the universe. But, there is much more to it than that. Though he is normally Prince Adam, once he activates the power sword, he is transformed into He-Man, magically enhancing is strength, speed and durability.

He-Man has been shown to be able to lift castles and mountains with ease and has survived massive explosions with little to no damage. His speed is nothing to scoff at either, since he was once shown stopping a tornado by spinning his arms fast enough to reverse the spin. To top it all off, the power of his sword is able to turn his cowardly tiger into a battle-ready beast.


In the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the benders are amongst the strongest warriors in the world. They can bend one of four elements, each having their own "upgrade" of sorts that makes them even stronger. Standing above all these benders is the Avatar, master of all four elements. The two Avatars featured in the series were Aang and Korra, and boy are they overpowered.

Aang was a powerful and creative airbender before learning the other elements, and his creativity is what made him such a capable bender with the other elements. Furthermore, Aang's spiritual nature gives a much stronger connection with his past lives and the Avatar state, a state of mind where the Avatar controls all the elements flawlessly. Korra was an even more skilled fighter and just as powerful in her Avatar state, even surpassing Aang by becoming the first Avatar to learn metalbending.


At the end of The Incredibles, we learn that the Parrs' youngest child, Jack-Jack, had superpowers. In fact, he has a lot of superpowers. Jack-Jack exhibited the ability to teleport, walk through solid objects, shoot lasers from his eyes, engulf himself in flames, turn his body to metal and transform into a super strong devil creature. And that's just what we've seen.

The crew behind Incredibles would eventually reveal that this may be a process that all super-powered humans go through when they are young. Essentially, superhumans experience all the powers before their bodies settle on one or two and the rest start to disappear. Even if this is the case, Jack-Jack is still WAY too overpowered, and it also implies that EVERY superhero child has gone through this dangerous process.


Despite Marceline being a vampire, most of her powers come from her demon heritage. Marceline is the child of the demon king, from whom she inherited the ability to devour souls. With this power, she acquired the abilities of various vampires by consuming their souls. Through this process, Marceline has gained the powers of flight, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, invisibility, necromancy, healing and shapeshifting.

Though gaining these powers eventually resulted in her vampirism, and thus the inability to go out in the sun and a nagging taste for all things red, they still make her overpowered. Each of these powers alone is insanely strong; putting them together makes Marceline one of the most powerful characters in the world of Adventure Time. With all these abilities, she could turn into a giant monster, raise an army of the dead to hold you at bay then crush you with her mind without breaking a sweat.


Though they take human form, the Gems of Steven Universe are basically alien rocks. Their gems project a physical form made of light that grants them a long list of abilities to the point of being overpowered. Every gem shares the powers of increased strength, speed and durability, longevity, shapeshifting, regeneration, gravity manipulation, weapon summoning and the ability to fuse with others.

On top of all that, each Gem has abilities unique to them, the Crystal Gems being among some of the strongest. Amethyst excels at shapeshifting, Pearl can create holograms and copies of herself, Garnet can see the future and produce electricity and Steven has healing tears/spit. But that's not all, Gems can also fuse with each other, and the Crystal Gems have used fusion to power themselves up to insane levels.


The world of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes works a bit like a video game, powerful heroes that protect the world are ranked by their power level. Each fighter also has a POW card, a trading card that lists their power level, anything from one to 100. Though we've yet to see a level 100 hero, there is still one powerful hero in Lakewood Plaza Turbo, the owner, Mr. Gar.

Mr. Gar is a level 11, thus far the highest level we've seen. He's not the only level 11, K.O.'s mother Carol is just as strong, but we've seen more of Mr. Gar in action. He is constantly bursting in and saving the day, smashing robots and his own property with his massive strength and power. Mr. Gar is also depicted as a god of sorts in the story of the plaza's creation, showing just how overpowered he is.


Despite the fact that Saitama is just a superhero for fun, he is most likely the most powerful hero in the world of One-Punch Man. It's not even a question that Saitama is overpowered, since the humor of the anime comes from the fact that he's grown bored of defeating all of his enemies with a single punch. Saitama has defeated giant monsters, master ninjas and alien overlords with little to no effort.

The funniest part? Saitama's power just comes from basic strength training. That's right, he just did some pushups, sit ups and some jogging and all of the sudden his punches can level entire cities. Saitama's superpower may very well be the ability to defeat any enemy he comes by, and that is the most overpowered superpower anyone can have.


An amalgam of Madman, Looney Tunes and classic superheroes, Freakazoid is the epitome of zany cartoons. The freaky blue-skinned hero was created when Dexter Douglas, his secret identity, was sucked into the internet, the resulting overload of information turning him into the Freakazoid. Freakazoid is as crazy as he his powerful, exhibiting multiple powers over the course of the short-lived series.

Freakazoid's abilities would change from episode to episode, and sometimes he would just pretend to have superpowers. However, throughout the series he was shown being super strong, having light speed and being able to fly. However, this is not what makes him so overpowered, it's actually his ability to break the fourth wall. Add to this his cartoonish ability to grab objects out of thin air. Freakazoid is basically a god in his own world.


Don't let the mullet fool you, Captain Planet is not to be messed with. The environmental warrior can only be summoned with the help of the five Planeteers, and with their powers combined, he comes forth to save the world from disaster. While he does have some amazing powers, including transmutation, flight, super strength, high durability and shape-shifting, this is not what makes him overpowered.

Sure, all those powers put him on the same level as some of the strongest comic book superheroes, but they're all the result of his greatest power. Captain Planet's powers were never clearly defined for the sake of him always being able to save the day, developing whatever ability he needed to in each episode. What this means is that Captain Planet has the god-like ability to become whatever deus ex machina is needed in any situation.


At first glance, Danny Phantom's ghostly abilities might not seem like much. He can turn invisible, move through solid objects, fly -- all relatively tame stuff. But, as the series went on, Danny developed more and more ghostly abilities, like being able to possess people, becoming overpowered both in definition and in number of powers.

It started with his ghost ray, an ecto-energy blast that could also be projected as a shield. Then, he gained a ghostly wail, a supersonic spooky howl that could level cities. Later he would even gain the ability to freeze objects with ice powers he apparently had all along. If that wasn't enough, Danny also exhibited superhuman strength and durability, the latter of which he wouldn't even need because of his intangibility powers. Danny Phantom just has too many powers by the end of the series, literally making him overpowered.

4 BEN 10

When Ben Tennyson was ten years old, he found an alien device that could turn him into ten different aliens, each with their own unique powers and abilities. As time went on, Ben gained access to more and more transformations, nearly every sentient species in the universe. By this very concept, you could easily argue that Ben is overpowered. But, the watch has time limits and rules, and each alien has their respective weaknesses.

However, even these rules seem to go out the window when the fourth Ben 10 series rolled around, and in that same series Ben gained full control over his most powerful form, Alien X. Alien X is from a species of celestial gods, creatures that can manipulate the very fabric of time, space and reality, literally checking all the boxes of the "overpowered" category.


Here's a funny fact, did you know that Superman himself has admitted that Mighty Mouse could defeat him? Yes the famous debate from Stand By Me was actually addressed in an actual Superman comic. In the issue, Superman stated that a parody of Mighty Mouse could actually match and maybe defeat him in a fight, though we're not sure if it was a joke or not.

But, if we take this into consideration, plus Mighty Mouse's long list of abilities, then it definitely puts him in the "overpowered category." We're not just saying that Mighty Mouse is strong for a mouse, if he can take out Superman, then that means he's far beyond the capabilities of a normal mouse, possessing strength greater than the greatest superhero of them all.


Because of the short life of the series and the general obscurity of Thundarr The Barbarian, not many folks outside of a certain age bracket know about the character's specific powers and abilities. So, allow us. Thundarr was an animated hero of the '80s, so his candidacy for "overpowered" is already half filled out. This is to say that most animated '80s characters had that "magical" power of always finding a way to win in the end, a power that Thundarr and crew shared in their adventures.

Aside from this ability, Thundarr is also a skilled warrior who wields the Sunsword. The Sunsword is made of pure energy and is linked to Thundarr, thus he is the only warrior who can use the powerful blade. The sword can cut through almost any material and can cancel out the effects of magical attacks and energy blasts with ease, making the wielder of this legendary sword completely overpowered in nearly any fight.


Like Thundarr, Inspector Gadget's true power comes from being able to summon any weapon, gadget or device needed to win the day and defeat Dr. Claw. Though, these gadgets often resulted in some crazy shenanigans due to the Inspector's clumsiness. However, even this clumsiness is almost a power in itself, as Inspector Gadget would inadvertently solve a case or save the day via a series of accidents and slip ups.

Aside from these meta-"superpowers," Inspector Gadget also has a series of go-to gadgets that were seen throughout the original series. There was his famous helicopter hat, his rocket skates, extending arms and legs, hands with various tools that would pop out of his head, his hand-phone and of course his various pop-out springs used for jumping or landing. So, he was overpowered, just woefully undertrained.

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