Overheard at Wizard World: Chicago - Day Two

  • [Dial H for H.E.R.O.]The long-dormant "Dial H for Hero" will be made over and relaunched next year as "H-E-R-O." Written by Will Pfeifer and illustrated by Kano, the regular series will provide ordinary people with a mysterious keypad that gives them super powers. The powers aren't exactly a gift for every recipient, however, DC insiders say.
  • For all you Superman fanatics, here's a nugget of information few people in Metropolis may know: Lex Luthor is a lefty. Actually, Michael Rosenbaum, the actor who portrays Luthor in TV's "Smallville," is a southpaw. With short-cropped hair, glasses and a fan-friendly attitude, Rosenbaum was decidedly un-Lex-like as he signed autographs and posed for photographs Saturday at Wizard World.
  • "Smallville" soon won't be the only DC-related show on television. A trailer for the upcoming "Birds of Prey" mini-series - which will debut this fall - kept conventioneers' eyes glued to monitors in the DC booth. "You like 'Smallville?' Wait until you see 'Birds of Prey,'" company spokeswoman Patty Jeres said.

  • Spider-Man fans shouldn't worry about elements from the much-maligned Clone Saga rearing its ugly head any time soon in the current Spidey books. Marvel Editor Axel Alonso has no interest in resurrecting the twisted tale. "I'm the 'Spider-Man' editor, and I remain willfully ignorant of the Clone Saga," he said.

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