Overheard at Wizard World: Chicago - Day Three

  • [Wizard World]Despite the Independence Day weekend, fears over potential terrorist attacks and the nation's economic woes, attendance at this year's Wizard World was a bit higher than last year, according to show promoters. Approximately 40,000 people checked out the con.
  • You may know Steve Lieber for his artistic work in "Whiteout" or "Detective Comics." But Lieber also has a softer side, as seen in the "Me and Edith Head" mini-comic he put together with wife Sara Ryan. It's too late to get a copy at Wizard World, but be sure to bring $2 to Lieber's table at upcoming cons in San Diego, Ohio, Maryland or elsewhere for your very own copy of this limited, self-published comic. You'll be glad you did.
  • Fans of writer Greg Rucka's "Queen & Country" will be happy to learn that a three-issue mini-series called "Queen & Country: Declassified" will hit stores in November. The book will focus on spy boss Paul Crocker's early days as a field agent in Prague.
  • Watching the people who come to conventions in costume can sometimes brighten an otherwise dull moment at a show. One of the coolest-looking costumed attendees at Wizard World was the guy who dressed up as the "Super Friends"-era Lex Luthor, complete with purple-and-green togs, double bandoliers and bald head.

  • The prize for worst costume is a tie, going to anyone who came dressed as a Jedi knight. It's been done before, guys - and very often it's been done much better. So put the brown bathrobe back on its hook and try something more original for next year.

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