Over the Surface #1

Story by
Art by
Natalie Nourigat
Oni Press

Ava Lefevre longs to be a pilot, but the Solveran Army doesn't allow women into its ranks. But the country is at war with a neighboring country, Isolestra, and needs all the help in can get. Taking advantage of this, Ava boasts to a recruitment party that she can outfly their best pilot, Victor. A dogfight is set up between the two, and Ava comes out on top - buying her enrollment into the military. Ava finally has everything she's always wanted, but she soon discovers that there's more to the war than what the government is telling civilians - especially after she's tasked with taking down the growing resistance movement in Solvera. Can Ava keep her dream of flying while there's so much turmoil on the ground?

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