The Most OP Alpha And Omega Level Mutants, Ranked

Since Comic Books have existed, one of the biggest arguments has always been who is the strongest hero or villain of them all. Fans love to pit the heavy hitters against each other and debate on matchups. Sometimes certain heroes are leagues above others, to the point where there is almost no competition. These heroes are overpowered and can accomplish ridiculous feats.

Mutants are one of Marvel's strongest groups, and throughout the years there have been mutants that are able to change the entire world with their abilities. These mutants were given the classification of Omega Level. Most of the extremely powerful mutants have earned this title, but there are a few that have yet to be recognized as the powerhouses that they are. Here are the most OP mutants ranked from weakest to strongest.

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10 Cable

At the bottom of the list is everyone's favorite time-traveling mutant. Cable is Nathan Summers, the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and a clone of Jean Grey. Cable was transported into the future as an infant, and raised to be a fighting machine. He has extreme telepathic and telekinetic powers, but the reason he is at the bottom of the list is due to a techno-organic virus that is holding him back.

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Cable has to dedicate almost all of his power to fighting off the virus and isn't really able to use his abilities. There have been times in the comics where he no longer has to fight off the virus, and that's what earns him a place among the most powerful mutants. Without the techno-organic virus he was able to bring global peace, levitate an entire city, and take on the Silver Surfer.

9 Magneto

Magneto Apocalypse

Magneto has always been one of Marvel's best villains. He is so compelling because you understand where he is coming from, even if he goes about it the wrong way. On top of being an interesting character, he is also incredibly powerful.

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While the ability to control metal may not seem OP at first, the feats that Magneto has been able to pull off, like reversing the earth's polarity, make him seem like he should be given the title of an Omega Level Mutant.

8 Emma Frost

Emma Frost is a sometimes villain, sometimes hero mutant with extreme telepathic abilities. She is able to come close to matching Professor X, and can reach people across the globe with her powers. In addition to her telepathic abilities, she can also transform herself into diamond in order to protect herself. With such an impressive power set she has been classified as an Omega level mutant and definitely deserves the title.

7 Apocalypse

Apocalypse is known as the first mutant. With complete control over the molecules of his body, his powers are almost unlimited in potential.

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In addition to his original mutation, Apocalypse altered himself further by using Celestial technology and is now able to use almost any mutant power. He is one of the toughest X-Men villains and is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

6 Professor X

Professor X Cropped

Professor X is one of the most well known of the X-Men. Charles Xavier has telepathic powers that are almost unparalleled and has the ability to read others thoughts and have control over them. His powers are so substantial that he can even cause death with a telepathic blast. These abilities are only amplified when he enters Cerebro, where he can affect the entire planet. Though Professor X has never officially been labeled an Omega level Mutant, it seems that he certainly fits the description.

5 Jean Grey

Jean Grey Uncanny X-men Disassembled

It was a narrow choice between Jean and the next couple of entries on the list. The reason Jean comes in this low on the list is because although she is an extremely powerful telepath in her own right, she really reaches her full potential when she has the Phoenix Force.

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The Phoenix Force is a cosmic entity that amplifies her abilities and allows her to do crazy things like control matter at a molecular level and convert herself into pure energy.

4 Stryfe

Stryfe is a clone of Cable that never was infected with the techno-organic virus. This means that he has full access to the telepathic and telekinetic powers of Cable, and has had his entire life to hone the abilities. His powers are incredibly strong, and his telepathic abilities are said to even rival Nate Grey.

3 Legion

Legion, David Haller, is the son of Charles Xavier, and definitely inherited his immense power. Legion has a severe mental illness that manifests as different personalities. His personalities each come with different powers, and when you add them all up it is clear that he is one of the most powerful mutants to ever exist. Just one of his personalities, Legion, is able to manipulate time and reality. With hundreds of different power sets that he can tap into, and the ability to gain new ones, Legion is right near the top of most OP mutants.

2 Nate Grey

Nate Grey is the half brother of Cable. Like Cable he comes from the genetics of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, but he was grown in a lab. Nate Grey has world-altering levels of telepathic ability. His telekinetic abilities are so powerful that he could bend the Earth's magnetic field.

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In addition, he also is in touch with the astral plane and can convert his body into pure astral energy and cross into other dimensions. With his incredible power he is just barely in second place for the title of most OP mutant.

1 Franklin Richards

The title of most OP mutant is held by a child. Franklin Richards is the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, and his power is nearly unlimited. He has the ability to manipulate reality with his thoughts, and even as a child has shown just how large of a scale he is able to do it on. He once created an entire pocket dimension without really trying. His power is so great that the Celestials, who are like gods, have considered recruiting him. With his full potential yet to be realized, Franklin Richards is the definition of overpowered.

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