'Outsiders' #1 sells out

Official Press Release

Following the rapid sell-outs of BATMAN/SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: TRINITY #1 and BIRDS OF PREY #56, OUTSIDERS #1 (APR030199) is now sold out at DC Comics. This makes the third key DC Universe title to sell out its print run in the past week.

The debut issue of the new series by writer Judd Winick and artists Tom Raney and Scott Hanna, OUTSIDERS #1 spins out of the startling events of the miniseries THE TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY, all three issues of which are sold out as well!

"We were happy just to bring back Metamorpho - this is too much!" says Winick. "Tom, Scott and I are thrilled with the reaction and enthusiasm from readers for OUTSIDERS' maiden voyage. We're real confident that if folks liked the first taste of the book, they will lose their minds for what's coming up. You have my word that the end of the first arc will be a big honking blowout...and this is just the start!"

"Judd, Tom and Scott did an outstanding job on OUTSIDERS #1! They really came out with guns blazing on this one," says DC Universe Group Editor Eddie Berganza. "It also signals a new attitude at DC about a super-teams - they don't have to be the same old thing, and it looks like there's a big audience that agrees."

"We went into this premiere issue with a significant overprint, and it still sold out very quickly," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "Between this and the sell-outs of all three issues of GRADUATION DAY, it's easy to see that reader interest in the these teams is growing. We urge retailers to up their orders on OUTSIDERS and TEEN TITANS as well."

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