Outrageous Retcon of a Beloved Comic Character's Origin!

The piece about how silly it is to strictly adhere to continuity just because it is continuity reminded me of this nugget from a ways back. Enjoy!

Thanks to Brad Curran for letting me know about this outrage. Now, I'd like to think that I am a reasonable enough of a fellow, and I won't fly off the handle at an innocuous change to a character's origin. But this is just too much. TOO MUCH, I say. The creators involved clearly have NO respect for the character's origin. NONE, I say! Now, before you click on the "Read the rest," please prepare yourself for a real shock to your system.

The year was 1971.

We should all have been prepared for it, but we weren't.

The cover of Amazing Spider-Man #94 mentions the re-telling of the origin, but it cannot even BEGIN to prepare us for the disrespect about to be heaped upon the Amazing Spider-Man, one of the most beloved superhero characters ever!

Right off the bat, there is a problem. The spider bite occurs the same, but LOOK at Peter Parker!

THIS is how Peter Parker is supposed to look - a normal, geeky looking guy.

Look at how they retconned Peter into looking like!

He's practically a jock!!

Next, Amazing Spider-Man #94 introduces a fight that NEVER happened in the original version!

And the fight makes no sense! Think of Spider-Man's secret identity!!

Luckily, the new version follows the original with the jumping in the air part.


New version...

However, right after that, the original version says...

The new version?


Can you believe it?

One of the most (if not THE most) important figures in Spider-Man history, and he doesn't even appear in Spider-Man's origin?!?!

Next problem is Spider-Man's costume.

The original version made sense. First Spider-Man created the costume, THEN he invented the webspinners.

In the new version?


Webspinners THEN costume!


The next disaster is the encounter between Spider-Man and the robber.

In the original, it makes perfect sense - Spider-Man meets the robber as he's leaving after a TV special (which has been perfectly set up by his wrestling victory).

The new, disrespectful version?

It makes NO sense!

Spider-Man meets the robber as he's ENTERING the TV station! ENTERING?!?! Do they think we're morons or something!?!? And without the wrestling scenes, we have no idea HOW Spider-Man even GOT a TV special!!! OUTRAGE!!

The final outrage is Spider-Man's confrontation with the robber.

Here's the logical, original version.

Now, here's the over-the-top retconned version...

I feel like plucking my eyes out and setting them on fire, with the outrage I have at the changes these HACKS made!!

TOTAL disrespect for the characters.

Who WERE these hacks?

#94...let's see the credits....

Stan Lee and John Romita?


Marvel Editors in Chief always have a way of screwing Spider-Man over.

I smell an online petition a-brewing!!

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