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Out Of This World: 15 Of The Hottest Aliens In Pop Culture

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Out Of This World: 15 Of The Hottest Aliens In Pop Culture

Ok folks, it’s just the two of us here… no need to be shy. Who among us didn’t swoon for those Orion Slave Girls on whichever episode of Star Trek we were lucky enough to see them on? You can admit it. For every Number Six played by Tricia Helfer in Battlestar Galactica, there are dozens of Vulcans, Elves or aliens from V to make up a group of attractive out-worlders, but that’s not what we are looking at here.

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Sure, it would be easy to list off alien sexpots played by beautiful actors, but where’s the challenge in that? For this list, we thought it would be more fun to go just to the point of freaking ourselves out, because let’s face it, producers, directors and even the actors themselves sometimes go full-tilt just to make the odd… oddly hot. With that in mind, we dove through comics, television, video games and film to come up with the 15 most oddly attractive aliens in science fiction and fantasy.


Neytiri from Avatar

Neytiri te Tskaha Mo’at’ite was first introduced in the 2009 film, Avatar and we have been in love with her ever since. She was played by Zoë Saldana who would have made this list a second time for her portrayal as Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy films, but we thought a little green paint wasn’t enough to make her look truly alien.

Neytiri, on the other hand, is a giant, blue model from the jungles of Pandora who falls in love with the film’s protagonist, Jake Sully. Like the other members of her species, she stands much taller than a human at approximately ten feet with blue skin. It doesn’t hurt that she runs around the planet wearing very little and despite looking very different to humans, we can see why Jake gave up his humanity to be with her. The production team went to great lengths to do so, after all.


The Borg Queen from Star Trek First Contact

When she first appeared on screen, the Borg Queen was little more than a head suspended from the ceiling and while she showed off a lot of what she’s made of — like her spinal chord — she wasn’t especially “attractive,” at least in the traditional sense. We aren’t saying she was attractive because of the body, but who could just be attracted to a head and spinal chord?

She made her first appearance on screen in Star Trek First Contact (1996) and presented quite the attraction to Data, and many audience members, as well. Her sensual attitude towards the literal humanizing of Data was almost enough to turn him against the crew. Almost. Regardless, the Borg Queen made most of the audience reconsider joining the Collective, given the opportunity.


Turanga Leela from Futurama

While she does have a gigantic, singular eyeball in the center of her face, that doesn’t detract from animators’ efforts to give Leela a certain sex appeal. She’s certainly fit, able to take care of herself in a fight and can pilot a spacecraft, so it’s no wonder she is the love interest for one Phillip J. Fry. In a lot of ways, Futurama’s Leela is the Betty Rubble for the 21st century (ask your parents if you don’t get the reference).

She’s one of those women who just stands out, and not just because of her eye. Though she is presented as an orphaned alien in the beginning of the series, we later learn that she is a mutant who has elbow talons and a sentient boil on her butt who likes to sing. Not a deal breaker.


Onomi Whitemans sitting in a throne surrounded by her species

Onomi Whitemane is the Queen of the Kymellian race; an extraterrestrial species of anthropomorphic space horses. Essentially, they are humanoid in body but have elongated horse heads. Onomi is not only the Queen of her species, she is one of Black Bolt’s wives. She has the power of telekinesis and is clearly drawn to show off very human elements of her sexuality… if you are into the whole half-human/half-horse kind of thing. We’re not here to judge.

Onomi first appeared in Fantastic Four #577, written by Jonathan Hickman and penciled by Dale Eaglesham in 2010, so the character hasn’t been around for too long. Though she isn’t a human, she is an Inhuman due to the Kree’s experimentation on five races in total: Alpha Centaurians, Badoon, Dire Wraiths and the Kymelians.


Ex Nihilia from Marvel's Infinity standing among members of her species

Ex Nihila is a member of the species known as Ex Nihili, but not much is known about her or her species. She first appeared in Infinity #1, written by Jonathan Hickman and penciled by Mark Morales and Jim Cheung. Like the other members of her race, she appears mostly humanoid, but possesses antlers atop her head and has some pretty handy superpowers to include flame breath, plant control, earth and energy manipulation.

While it may appear that she is clad entirely in yellow spandex, her species is actually golden-skinned. Depending on who is drawing her, her antlers may have only a few points or many, but hunters shouldn’t put her in their sights as she is one of the most powerful ladies on this list.


Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect

While one of the most intelligent characters in Mass Effect, it is clear that this alien lady was created to attract a certain fanbase. Doctor Liara T’Soni spent half a century studying Prothean technology and culture in the Mass Effect universe and is an integral NPC in the game. She is also a potential love interest for either a male or female Shepard, making her attainable to a broader base of players.

Dr. T’Soni is a member of the Asaris, one of the more respected species in the games. They live for an average of 1,000 years and are able to reproduce with other species. The Asari have only one gender, but their ability to mate with other species also applies to any gender. They all appear female, but this is a misnomer as they are neither male or female.


Lieutenant Talas from Enterprise

When it comes to Star Trek aliens who might be considered attractive to humans, you don’t have to look much further than the Andorians. Andorians are blue-skinned white-haired humanoids who possess large antennae atop their heads. Other than that, they are fairly similar to humans (like most of the races in the Star Trek universe).

Lieutenant Talas served as a member of the Andorian Imperial Guard and was ultimately shot at point-blank range with a MACO phase-pistol. She was brought to sickbay on the Enterprise but died of phase-pulse infection joking on her deathbed that Dr. Phlox was in love with her. Talas was played by Molly Brink, who appeared in only three episodes of the series.


Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 film

No worries if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 just yet, we won’t spoil anything here. Mantis is one of the characters in the film — which you already knew — who is played by Pom Klementieff. She is generally humanoid in appearance but possesses what can only be described as “Anime Eyes” and a couple of antennae atop her head.

She made her first appearance all the way back in The Avengers #112, written by Steve Englehart and penciled by Don Heck in 1973. She has a number of powers, including telekinesis, telepathy, healing, flight, empathic powers and astral projection, though her powers were somewhat limited in the film.


B'Elanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager

B’Elanna Torres served as the Chief Engineer aboard the U.S.S. Voyager. Though she sports the standard Klingon forehead ridges, she is only half Klingon, as her father was a human. She was initially a member of the Maquis, a terrorist organization that fought against Cardassians within Federation space. Her ship, the Val Jean, was transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker alien.

She became a member of the crew when Voyager became stranded in the Delta Quadrant and was vital across numerous storylines. B’Elanna was played by Roxann Dawson for the duration of the series. Many stories about B’Elanna involved her hybrid parentage and the conflict between her Klingon and human aspects. She was taught to control her Klingon aggression by Chakotay, the second-in-command of the Voyager and former member of the Maquis


Irisa from Defiance holding her knives

Irisa Nyira was one of the main characters on the television show Defiance. She served as the deputy lead to the series’ protagonist Joshua Nolan, a human who saved her life at an early age. She is a member of the alien species the Irathients, a tribal species that is often shown to be violent.

Irisa was played by Stephanie Leonidas who sported wild orange hair, enlarged eyes and face markings common to her species. She is incredibly athletic and a very capable fighter — in fact, she is downright deadly with her knives. She has some limited psychic abilities called “The Sight,” which she acquired during a Clairvoyant Irathient Ritual. Unfortunately, Defiance only aired for three seasons, but with Irisa making up the main cast for the series, it should definitely be checked out.


Caiera Oldstrong Planet Hulk Cover Shadow Ceremony

When it comes to the toughest of the tough, look no further than Caiera the Oldstrong. She is one of the strongest beings in any galaxy, having proven herself in combat time and time again. Not only is she an amazing warrior, she is also strong enough to stand up to the Hulk (and we don’t just mean in combat either).

When someone is strong enough to carry the Hulk’s offspring, you know that being shouldn’t be messed with. Sadly, she was (apparently) killed in the blast that destroyed the ship the Hulk traveled to Sakaar in, which spurred him to launch an attack on the people who sent him from Earth in the first place. The resulting battle and crossover series, World War Hulk, nearly saw Manhattan completely destroyed. Caiera, however, survived the explosion and gave birth to two sons, Skaar and Hiro-Kala.


Aayla Secura from Star Wars Attack of the Clones

She may have only ever had a few seconds of screentime, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make our list. We knew from the start that a Twi’Lek had to appear, it was just a matter of choosing the right one. When you get right down to it, Aayla Secura is the clear winner, given that she is a Jedi Master!

Aayla first appeared in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) in the Jedi confrontation on Geonosis right before hostilities broke out. As a Twi’lek, Aayla possesses two prehensile tenticular appendages atop her head. Interestingly enough, their beauty is known across the galaxy, but in the case of Aayla, the Force is very strong is stronger than her sex appeal.


Saga The Stalk and Marko

If you haven’t read Image Comics’ Saga, you need to finish this list and get on it right away. It’s amazing! The series is filled with wonderful aliens of all kinds and The Stalk is one of the absolute best. You know that an alien is attractive when, even though they have eight eyes and the giant body and legs of a spider, it isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker.

The Stalk was a Freelancer from the planet Demimonde and an ex-girlfriend to The Will, a fellow Freelancer. From the waist up, she is humanoid, but elsewhere… well, let’s just hope you aren’t arachnophobic because this lady is almost all spider. Despite this unusual anatomy, she was portrayed as a sexy, yet lethal and impeccably capable hunter who was very good at taking out her prey.


Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond

Jaylah made her debut in Star Trek Beyond (2016) as the sole representation of her species (we don’t know yet what race she belongs to). Like Darth Maul, she has unique face markings that make her instantly arresting. While Maul was appealing in a very different way, Jaylah sets herself apart by being a much more likeable character. Played by the talented Sofia Boutella, Jaylah stole each scene she was in and became an immediate fan-favorite for the rebooted Star Trek universe.

Like the other aliens on this list, Jaylah is very capable in war and in survival. She made a home inside a derelict starship she rebuilt on her own and could take out the toughest bad guys in hand-to-hand combat if the mood so struck her. She is also quite adept at laying traps for her enemies and unsuspecting future allies as well.


Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy film

While we didn’t think it was right to include Gamora on this list, there was no way Nebula was going to be missing. Nebula was played in the Guardians of the Galaxy films by Doctor Who alum Karen Gillam whose appearance was completely masked to create the character. Though she is no longer showing off her red locks, she is still an iconic character to behold.

Nebula first appeared on the printed page in The Avengers #257, written by Roger Stern and penciled by John Buscema in 1985. She was instrumental in defeating Thanos during the Infinity Gauntlet storyline and is depicted as his daughter in the films. The comic version places her as his granddaughter, but their relationship aside, Nebula is an impressive character, all around.

Did we miss any of your favorite aliens in our list? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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