Ouran High School Host Club: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

Meme culture is a movement that anyone who has access to the internet is part of; whether they like it or not. Memes are a huge part of life for many people and so is anime. When the two are combined together, you usually end up with a great outcome of something hilarious, memorable, and shareable.

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Ouran High School Host Club is a hilarious romantic comedy anime that aired in 2006. This anime is way too funny to not have any memes created from it.  In fact, there are more than enough Ouran High School Host Club memes to satisfy a memes addict's daily needs. As a taste of the many memes that were created from the anime, here are 10 of the hilarious memes only true fans understand.


If you've watched Ouran High School Host Club you'll understand that "oops" coming from the Hitachiin twins Hikaru and Kaoru, means that there is going to be a messy outcome.

The twins are known for causing mischief and getting into trouble. Their fun is causing havoc to people by tormenting them psychologically and emotionally.  Their pranks aren't as harsh as it sounds, but messing with someone's mental state is what they're best at. It's all in good fun, and true fans know that they don't mean to seriously hurt anyone ... right?


This is how Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka, acts if he is not able to get his sugary fix. The smallest, but also the oldest member of the host club has a sweet tooth. If he's not able to have some cake or any other type of yummy dessert, he will go crazy.

To Honey Senpai, "Kiss kiss fall in love" turns into "Kick kick bite and fight for a slice of cake." Honey is known for being a sweet, innocent character, so when he goes into attack mode from sugar withdrawal it's one of the funniest things you'll witness while watching the anime.


The way the boys, more specifically Tamaki, of the host club act around Haruhi is weird because they are constantly surrounded by girls. In fact, the point of their club is to entertain the girls at their school.

When Haruhi reveals herself as a girl in episode one, everyone had a reaction to it, but Tamaki's was the most dramatic. In almost every episode Tamaki acts overly protective and/or super shy around Haruhi. It's weird that she's treated differently. Weird, but very funny.


Kyoya Ootori is the character who is constantly researching things about people. Everyone knows this type of character in anime. He's like Fenneko from "Aggretsuko," or better said is that Fenneko is like Kyoya since Ouran High School Host Club was released first.

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Kyoya is usually calm and reserved. Being this way probably makes it easier for him to sneak off and do some researching on someone since no one will really notice. This is also a reason why he is always writing down things. He takes notes constantly. Being the host club's accountant is another good reason for why he carries around his notebook and writes down information throughout episodes. Or maybe the real reason is that he is actually Kira from "Death Note."


After becoming a member of the host club, or rather the host club's "dog," Haruhi isn't the only one who gets to try things she has never had before. The boys are able to experience parts of Haruhi's life which aren't as extravagant and rich as theirs.

Everyone at the Academy, but Haruhi, is so rich that they've never had cheap instant coffee before, hence this hilarious meme of Tamaki trying instant coffee for the very first time. Tamaki was viewed as being brave for drinking it.


One of the great things about Haruhi meeting the guys and being a host is that she is able to try all of the rich and luxurious activities and food she's never had before. Although she couldn't care less about rich people and the luxurious lifestyles they live, there is one thing that she desires to try, and that's fancy tuna.

This delicacy is one of the reasons why she continues to be a member of the host club. The boys have even used fancy tuna as a way to convince her into staying and doing something they want her to do. Fancy tuna is the greatest reward!


Ouran High School Host Club fans know that Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka barely shows emotion. He's not like the others who crack a smile at least once in every episode. He is silent and very reserved.

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He's not as bad as Saitama from One Punch Man, but Mori usually keeps a serious, neutral face with minimum smiling. This meme is from a scene from episode 19 when Haruhi gets convinced by Benibara from the Zuka Club at St. Lobelia Girls' Academy to perform in their play. Not only did Mori reacted to what he saw, but so did Honey Senpai's stuffed animal, Usa-chan, which is a first for both.


As mentioned earlier, the Hitachiin twins flourish off of drama. They absolutely love stirring up trouble. True fans understand how mischievous these two really are. If they come up with a "good idea" it's usually bad for someone else.

Their favorite target is Tamaki. They love tormenting him by making him think that they will be alone with Haruhi in some romantic situation. This meme perfectly describes Hikaru and Kaoru, no doubt about it.


Tamaki Suoh is known for being overly dramatic and a cry baby at times. If he is insulted, feels threatened, or if Haruhi is with other guys he'll go into his little Emo corner. Many of the club members have caused him to go into his corner. He has to let his emotions out some way, and this is the best way for him to do it.

True fans of Ouran High School Host Club know that Tamaki's emo corner is a big part of his character. Like the meme says, "Don't bother him when he's in his Emo corner."


Fans of Ouran should immediately understand this hilarious meme. Throughout the anime, Tamaki refers to himself as Daddy; especially when it comes to Haruhi. Of course, Daddy has a mommy, who turns out to be Kyoya. As for Hikaru and Kaoru marrying Harui, that is something that they make Tamaki believe will happen one day.

Since they love to torment him, flirting with Haruhi is a great way to get under Tamaki's skin. Because Tamaki is the president of the host club, referring to himself as Daddy is better than the president, king or any other title.

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