<i>Our Love is Real's</i> Sam Humphries returns to self-publishing with <i>Sacrifice</i>

Earlier this year writer Sam Humphries and artist Steven Saunders had a cool little success story with their science fiction comic Our Love is Real. It was released digitally, sold via their website and a few select comic shops, and eventually went into multiple printings before finally being picked up by Image Comics. (Sam spoke at length about his efforts to market and distribute the book during a panel we were both on at the San Diego Comic Con).

It worked out so well for him the first time that Humphries is trying it again. He's teamed up with artist Dalton Rose for Sacrifice, a full-color, self-published, self-distributed, six-issue mini-series that debuts Dec. 14. It's about Hector, a time traveler/Joy Division fan who finds himself in the middle of the Aztec empire.

And courtesy of Sam and Dalton, we're pleased to bring you a look at the comic, which you can find after the jump, along with the book's many variant covers. The comic will be available for digital download through comiXology and Graphicly, or you can buy it in print from several comic shops or through online retailer Things from Another World.

Addition: If you are in L.A., Collector's Paradise will host a release party on Dec. 14 for the book, and you can also purchase their exclusive edition from their website. The cover for the "Shadow Edition" they have can be found after the jump.

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