Our Lives Together - Superman Overhears the Rest of the DC Universe

In this feature, I will spotlight some of the more interesting examples of shared comic book universes. You know, crossovers that aren't exactly crossovers.

In this one, suggestion by reader Jim S., we take a look at another bit I did in an old Comic Book Legends Revealed, where Superman's hearing is increased to the point where he hears the rest of the DC Universe, with snippets from over a DOZEN other DC books that came out that same month!

In issue #10 of John Byrne's Superman run (released with a cover date of October 1987), Superman's powers are acting weird. They are increasing in power at seemingly random intervals. Check it out...

What's fascinating, though, is that the panel where Superman is hearing all sorts of things is not just a random panel of word balloons, as you would typically expect. No sir, that panel features ACTUAL dialogue taken from THIRTEEN other DC comic books released that same month (I believe the intent was for books that specifically came out that very week, but I can't speak to whether it actually worked out that way)!

Check it out:

Batman #412, page 20

Booster Gold #21, page 8

Captain Atom #8, page 3

Flash #5, page 8

Fury of Firestorm #64, page 16

Infinity Inc. #43, page 3

Spectre #7, page 9

Suicide Squad #6, page 19

Swamp Thing #65, page 6

Teen Titans Spotlight #15, page 1

Vigilante #46, page 7

Wild Dog #2, page 11

Wonder Woman #9, page 6

Amazing, huh?

EDITED TO ADD: As commenter Omar Karindu mentioned, it is worth noting the sheer amount of effort that editor Mike Carlin must have put into this, as well, so good on you, as well, Mike!

Thanks so much to John Thorpe, who not only told me about this amazing feat by John Byrne, but he actually sent me every single page in question to me! Above and beyond the call of duty, John! And thanks to Jim S. for suggesting I do this one for Our Lives Together. If you want to make a suggestion for this feature like Jim did, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.

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