Our Lives Together - Daredevil and Iron Man Share a Party Scene

In this feature, I will spotlight some of the more interesting examples of shared comic book universes. You know, crossovers that aren't exactly crossovers.

For the first one, we'll take a look at an interesting party scene in two Denny O'Neil comic books in 1983, when Daredevil #195 and Iron Man #171 shared a party scene.

In Daredevil #195, Matt Murdock's ex-girlfriend, Heather Glenn, saw her life spiral out of control after their break-up. She began drinking too much and in this issue, accidentally spills Matt's secret identity to someone she shouldn't have...

Daredevil resolved the situation but Glenn was never really the same and she eventually ended up killing herself towards the end of O'Neil's run.

That same month (or maybe the next month), in Iron Man #171, we see that same party from Tony Stark's perspective. Tony is the midst of his slow descent into the gutter with his alcohol addiction (things had gotten so bad that he was no longer even Iron Man anymore, as his friend James Rhodes was filling in). Tony befriended Heather and they had shared some "good" times together while they were both spiraling, leading to this party...

Clever idea by O'Neil.

If you can think of another example of an interesting piece of shared continuity within a shared comic book universe, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

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