Our Favorite <i>Lost</i> Fan Art

You know what I'm really going to miss about Lost? All the fan art for the show. This year's final season has managed to inspire all kinds of tributes from snarky commentary about Jack's surgical skills and Kate's sheer annoyingness to portraits of the cast from comic artists.

Here are some of my favorites, from Chip Zdarsky, Travis Pitts, Faith Erin Hicks, Dean Fraser's Springfield Punx, Anthony Clark's and Kate Beaton's Lost comics, JJ Harrison's Lost In Comics, Graham Annable's Foggy Memories Of Lost, J. Scott Campbell's Lost Tuesday sketches and Bill Mudron's wonderful Oceanic Airlines Safety Manual (along with his uncolored poster). Click for larger versions, and click through those links for even more greatness.

[gallery link="file"]

I'm sure there's more out there that I've never seen - Feel free to leave links in the comments.

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