<i>Ouija</i> Director Search Targets Eisner And McG

Taken director Pierre Morel was said to have pitched Universal Pictures executives with his take on Ouija just last month, but subsequent reports suggest that his ideas weren't embraced. That means the search is still on for a Ouija director, and Heat Vision suggests that the hunt is down to two names: McG and Breck Eisner.

The Terminator Salvation director reportedly met with Universal execs this past Friday with his vision of Ouija, though Eisner — who directed the perfectly passable The Crazies remake in 2009 — had a head start with a meeting in the previous week. There's no word on which one is the front runner.

In other Ouija news, screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis spoke with io9 about the film's tone, saying: "When you're talking about a board that communicates with the dead, there is a chilling aspect to it, and one that we hope to embrace within the story."

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