Otters and OHMU: Six random questions with Jim Zub

Thirty-six questions. Six answers. One random number generator. Welcome to Robot Roulette, where creators roll the virtual dice and answer our questions about their lives, careers, interests and more.

Joining us today is Jim Zub, writer of Skullkickers, Pathfinder, Makeshift Miracle and IDW's upcoming Samurai Jack, among others.

Now let’s get to it ...


6. If you weren't working in comics, what would you be doing?

I’d be doing what I currently do when I’m not working on comics: working in the animation business and teaching at Seneca College here in Toronto as part of their Animation faculty. Comics aren’t my full-time occupation yet.

9. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why?

Hmmm... an otter? Those guys seem pretty darn happy with their existence, frolicking around in the water, swimming and all around being adorable.

12. What comic was your "gateway drug" and made you a comic fan?

The first comic I started regularly collecting was Marvel’s G.I. Joe comic series in the 80’s. The cartoon episodes used to end by flashing the latest issue cover with a commanding voice saying “BUY THE MARVEL COMIC” and I dutifully obeyed. Soon after that I started collecting Spider-Man and, soon enough, my brother and I were rabid Marvel fans studying the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe like we were prepping for the bar exam.

24. What did you dress up as the last time you dressed in a costume (whether that's Halloween, a convention, or wherever)?

I don’t cosplay at conventions or anything like that, so my last memorable costume was a Dr. Strange costume my girlfriend (now wife) made for me several years ago. I won a prize at the Silver Snail’s annual Halloween party that night. Good times.

27. What are you most proud of so far in your comics career?

Doing what I say I’m going to do on both creator-owned and commercial projects. As a freelancer you’re only as good as your word.

32. Is there a particular song, band or style of music you listen to when you work?

Nope. I almost always work in silence so I can concentrate better. I know that’s not very exciting, but it works for me. The few times I do put music on I’ll use some kind of orchestral soundtrack just to drown out neighbours or construction noises from the street.

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