Other Neat Comic Book Advent Calendars!

I figured now would be a nice time to link you folks to the other cool Comic-related Advent Calendars out there!

Dave Carter has been posting Christmas comic book covers each day in December since, I believe, the Jimmy Carter Administration! He has some great picks, so do be sure to check them out here!

Scott at Polite Dissent has only been doing an annual Comic Book Advent Calendar since Ronald Reagan's first term in office! Check out his calendar here (he has some particularly cool cover choices)!

Brendan McKillip is the young buck of the group, as he's only been doing a Comic Book Advent Calendar since Bill Clinton's first term in office! Check his covers out here!

Bully is doing one! Bully didn't do one last year, did he?

In any event, here's Bully's! (Thanks, Adam, for the head's up!)

In a slightly different approach, Marvel Smartass and Comics Cavern are doing the Twelve Days of Uncanny X-Mas, with a new X-Men related Twelve Days of Christmas joke for each day (they're up to Day Three). Check it out here!

Any other Advent Calendars out there that I should know about?

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