Ostrander takes "Martian Manhunter" into the Past

John Ostrander could tell fans what he's working on. But then he'd have to kill them.

"I'm working on a Justice League project that hasn't been announced yet so I can't say more than that but I think it will be cool.

"I'm also doing some work for [Dark Horse Comics'] 'Star Wars' on the monthly starting with issue 19. It's called 'Twilight' and I think people will be very excited. Jan Duusema is doing the pencil art and it is FABULOUS and I think the story is very cool. It features two new characters but I also can't talk too much about it yet. Why? Because we're doing a MYSTERY and I don't want to give too much away.

"Also, in 'Martian Manhunter' we're doing several single issue stories under the group title 'Revelations' which will look at the 'missing years' - the time between J'Onn's coming to Earth and 'JLA: Year One.' There will be four issues, each complete unto itself but all tied to one another thematically. GREAT place for people to come on and try the book, incidentally. AND there will be surprises and guests stars."

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