Ostrander: "Martian Manhunter" Healthy. Spectre, Renegades of Mars on the way

[Martian Manhunter]With blood still in the water from the pending cancellation of DC Comics' "Aquaman" and the mixed signals over the health of "Impulse," online pessimists have been combing their sales charts and pronouncing which series, in their enlightened view, are not long for this world.

With the health of "Hourman" recently confirmed - see the May 22nd edition of the Comic Wire for more - some doom-and-gloom fans have been eyeing "Martian Manhunter" warily.

"In so far as I know, 'Martian Manhunter' IS NOT canceled as of this writing," series writer John Ostrander told the Comic Wire on Friday. "The problem I have with rumors is that they can help CAUSE cancellations. If retailers think, for any reason, that a book is being canceled, they cut orders. We could use MORE readers (who couldn't) and if people are interested, they should get other people reading the book, but if we're on the way out no one has told me."

As for what the fans of the book can expect, Ostrander says the current "Revelations" story line, which examines how the Martian Manhunter is involved in the pasts of several of the DC Universe's most important heroes, is just getting started.

"This next week, Tim Truman guest artists as we do a Green lantern story with Abin Sur, then after that we have Batman (circa Year One) coming in and, after that, the Spectre. And then we wind up with a JLI special story. That completes the 'Revelations' stuff for now. We then start a NEW story line with 'Renegades of Mars' and this is going to get nasty."

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