Wolverine Goes on the Hunt for Daken in Orphans of X

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Whether Marvel's Legacy series will prove to be a trip down memory lane or just the thing fans have been clamoring for remains to be seen. What is clear is that Marvel is going all-in for the upcoming event and it seems there are very few titles that won't be touched in some way. The latest bit of news turns the spotlight on Wolverine and Daken.

Beginning with All-New Wolverine #25, writer Tom Taylor will see current Wolverine, Laura Kinney, go on the hunt for her brother Daken after the latter goes missing under mysterious circumstances. The storyline, titled Orphans of X, will see Laura return to the Facility -- the place where she was created from Logan's DNA then tortured and conditioned into a vicious, near-feral weapon. The storyline will highlight the developing sibling relationship between Daken and Laura, while giving a reminder of Laura's particularly dark roots.

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"Daken and Laura have had a fractious past," Taylor said in an interview with ComicBook.com. "Though, that might be putting it mildly, given they've tried to kill each other. But as seen in our recent 'Immune' storyline, Daken and Laura are now quite close. Laura is one of the few people that Daken has genuine affection for. They are brother and sister."

Taylor was quick to point out that, while both characters share a genetic link, they are their own people.

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"They're both quite different," Taylor said. "Daken is a very smooth individual and supremely confident, but he's prone to anger and not afraid of killing. Laura is more reserved, calculating and precise. She's also more compassionate. At the heart of it, I'd say Laura has more empathy."

As for precisely who or what the Orphans of X are? Fans will have to wait for All-New Wolverine #25 to hit the stands to learn more on that particular mystery. All Taylor would say is that some big shocks are on the horizon, and that the Orphans of X will prove to be formidable opponents for Laura and Daken.

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