Orion Takes on Parademons in Awesome Fan-Made Short

Mature animated television series based on DC Comics properties have had a rough go of it lately. Between the cancellation of beloved shows like "Young Justice" and "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" to make-way for more kid-friendly shows like "Teen Titans" and "Batman Unlimited," it seems there's little place for shows skewing toward an older audience. Which really sucks because this short fan-film starring Orion of the New Gods looks incredible and like something fans would really dig.

Created by Mario Escudero, the appropriately titled "Orion" features the Son of Darkseid heading into Apokalips and taking on some Parademons. The animation looks great and the action scenes and designs have a very Jack Kirby feel to them. While we may never get a "New Gods" specific animated series and who know if the New Gods will even show up in the live-action films, we would absolutely love more installments of this series from Escuder.

Orion - A Fan Short Film from Mario Escudero on Vimeo.

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