Orion cancelled

[Orion]Not even those with the blood of God's running through their veins can escape the dreaded ax.

Walter Simonson, writer/artist of the DC Comics series announced on the DC Message Boards yesterday that the series has been canceled. Issue #25 will be the Orion's last.

"ORION is going away," Simonson wrote in a message on the DC Message Boards. "I just haven't been able to generate enough sales with the title. DC has been very generous and given me a lot of time and space with the book and I've very grateful. In fact, they've given me several more issues so that I can wrap up my storylines completely. The last issue of ORION is going to be issue 25, a double issue, that will include the Mr. Miracle story I've been waiting to do for three years. That story will serve as a bookend for the entire series, and when I'm finished, we'll have a 25 issue tale of the saga of Red Orion, start to finish.

"I'm delighted to have been able to work on these characters that I love, especially in the face of indifferent sales and the occasional troll . But I feel I've done some of my very best work on ORION and I do think that that will be recognized as time goes by.

"I've still got five issues to go so don't bury me yet.

"It's been a great experience!"

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