Playmobil's Original Ghostbusters Toys Revealed


Nothing triggers nostalgia like seeing toy versions of your favorite childhood movies, so if you're a fan of the 1980s Ghostbusters, Playmobil has some feel good toys for you.

Funko recently announced a partnership with Playmobil, featuring licensed figures from a number of franchises including the Ghostbusters. Prior to that, however, Playmobil had announced its own independent plans to release an entire line of toys based on the classic comedy.

Now, just one day before they were scheduled to be revealed at the 2017 Nuremberg International Toy Fair, full details of Playmobil "The Ghostbusters" toys have become available online. All of the iconic characters are represented, along with the Ecto-1, the firehouse that served as the Ghostbusters' base of operations, and the suitably oversized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Each of the toys has a surprising level of accuracy and an amazing amount of tiny accessories that.

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The Ecto-1 is  covered in slime, but ready for action, bringing Winston Zeddemore and Janine Melnitz along for the ride. The duo have proton packs and PKE meters, and can easily be placed in the vehicle via the removable top. Listed with a retail price of $45.00, it also has battery-powered lights and music.

Needing a place to regroup, Playmobil recreates the rundown firehouse the ghoul-chasing gang calls home. The set comes with Playmobil versions of Raymond Stantz, Louis Tully, Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz wearing her business casual. Included are smaller spirits that can be held in the Ghost Containment Unit. And, yes, it comes with a fire pole.

Standing almost eight inches tall, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is set to be sold for $20.00. Included in the set is a uniformed Ray Stantz, complete with all the accessories he needs to fight "something he loved from childhood" but now has put him in a sticky, and sweet, situation.

Scene-stealing Slimer gets his own toy, and a chance to fill his belly with a variety of tiny snack accessories. A hot dog vendor is also included, one that will be none-to-happy to have his food stolen by the always hungry apparition.

Egon Spengler gets his own moment in an $8.00 set that also includes two glow-in-the dark ghoulish opponents. And rounding out the set is Peter Venkman, giving everyone chance to own a tiny Bill Murray. You'll also get two demon dogs and Zuul-possessed Dana Barret.

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