How The Original Ghostbusters Influenced Avengers' Ending

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After praising Disney's treatment of Marvel Studios following its acquisition, Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige revealed how a creative note the original Ghostbusters movie from Bob Iger, now the Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, completed changed the ending of 2012's Marvel's The Avengers.

"With the Avengers, Bob wanted more of a celebratory vibe at the end of the movie, which hit us in a very good spot because Jeremy Latch and the producers on that film, always used to talk about the parade at the end of Ghostbusters I and how exuberant that was at the end of the movie," Feige explained on The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast.

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"We just didn't have an idea for a literal parade," Feige continued. "Bob gives that note about the ending after watching the film. He walks away and Joss [Whedon] turns to us and says 'Ghostbusters parade.' That led to seeing the celebrations around the world and Joss did a great job with it. We then pan to Nick Fury as he's talking to the Council."

Feige talked about many different items regarding the history of the MCU during his expansive interview, also touching upon the risk involved with making The Eternals and his role in Hugh Jackman's Wolverine having a comics-accurate haircut.

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