Original "Cerebus" Art On Display in Salt Lake City August 21st - October 30th

Official Press Release

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Night Flight Comics is pleased to announce anupcoming exhibition of over seventy original pages from thegroundbreaking independent comic book series, Cerebus. 'Ye Bookes ofCerebus: the Comic Art of Dave Sim and Gerhard' officially opens onMonday, August 21st 2006 at 9:00 a.m. Thirty-five of the original artpieces will be on display at The City Library main branch lower urbanroom, with the rest of the exhibit at both Night Flight Comics locationsand will remain on display through October 30, 2006. An artist'sreading, Q&A, autograph session and gallery walk on Friday, October 27th2006 starting at 1:00 p.m. At the event, Dave Sim will discuss theCerebus project, his massive 26-year long, 300-issue publishing history,and the religious themes that make up the core of the exhibition.Background artist Gerhard will also be discussing his work on theseries, the intricately detailed backgrounds that create theextraordinarily realistic world in which the series takes place.

Cerebus was the longest running independent comic ever published. At sixthousand pages in length, it is the single longest graphic novel in thecomic book medium; arguably, the longest sustained narrative in humanhistory. Over seventy pages from this remarkable, and sometimescontroversial, work will be on display, focusing on many of thereligious themes that highlighted the later years of the book andculminating with a dramatic and unique retelling of the Story of Creation.

The series began in December of 1977 as a parody of the popular Conanthe Barbarian comic. Sim quickly evolved as a writer and storyteller andbegan to tackle larger themes such as politics, religion, genderrelations, and creator's rights. At the same time, the artwork of Simand background artist Gerhard was consistently some of the best in themedium and garnered numerous awards. Most recently, Sim and Gerhard wonthe 2005 Shuster Award (named after Superman co-creator Joe Shuster) forBest Canadian Achievement in Comics for the Cerebus project.

By the time the series ended in March 2004, Sim and Gerhard had workedtogether for over two hundred issues of Cerebus, an unprecedentedachievement that more than doubled the one hundred issues of TheFantastic Four created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1960s.

This exhibition is organized with curator for the Regina A. Quick Centerfor the Arts, St. Bonaventure University Jason Trimmer and will featurework from three of the sixteen books that make up the entirety of theCerebus series – Rick's Story, Latter Days, and The Last Day. All ofthese pages showcase one of the most unique properties of the comicmedium, which is its equal emphasis on words and pictures workingtogether. As writers and artists began to explore more mature subjectmatter in comic books, starting in the mid-seventies, they also began toexplore the dynamics between how the words and pictures on a pageinteract and affect the reader. For more than twenty years, Sim andGerhard have been among the preeminent innovators of this dynamic in thecomic book medium and the pages on display reflect several differentapproaches they have taken.

Combining stylistic innovation, humor, and the revelations offered byone man's intensely personal spiritual journey, 'Ye Bookes of Cerebus:The Comic Art of Dave Sim and Gerhard' promises to be a unique andthought-provoking experience.

Admission to the exhibit areas are free and open to the public duringregular open hours. For more information, call Mimi Cruz 801.272.8343

Ye Books of Cerebus Art Exhibition organized by the Regina A. QuickCenter for the Arts, St. Bonaventure University Jason Trimmer, Curator.

About the University: St. Bonaventure is the nation's premier Franciscanuniversity and ranks in the top 20 percent in U.S. News & World Report'scollege ranking of Northern Universities – Master's. It has a history ofaccomplishment and service that extends back nearly 150 years. At theheart of St. Bonaventure University is the Franciscan affirmation of thedignity and worth of the entire created order. Fundamental to thisvision is an awareness that it is within relationships and communitythat individuals discover and develop their potential.

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