Original Art Treat To Be Found in Pages of 'Frankenstein Mobster'

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- If the trick is knowing where the treat is, you've got the inside track. Readers and Retailers who order FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #0 from Image Comics are setting themselves up for a potential treat - discovering original art by Mobster creator and Hammer of the Gods co-creator Mark Wheatley bound into their copies of the book.

Approximately 1% of the print run (or 100 copies, whichever is higher) of FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #0 will contain randomly inserted original sketches by Wheatley bound into them. This standard format, bi-monthly, full-color, on-going series is scheduled to begin haunting comic shops the week of October 1, 2003, and it's featured on Page 119 of the Image Comics section of the August 2003 Previews from Diamond Comic Distributors.

"I'm doing the sketches on the same paper stock as the printed comic book and it will be bound into the center of the books, so customers will need to actually pick up copies of the book and flip through to see if they have the Trick or Treat edition," Wheatley said.

A robust mixture of horror, action and humor sets the tone of this newest hit series from Image as former police officer Terry Todd discovers that being dead just doesn't work out for him. Now he's been revived in a patchwork body, suddenly confronted with three unscrupulous mobsters sharing his head. As he tries to help the residents of Monstros City and get to know his daughter better, he struggles with the malevolent malefactors time-sharing his noggin.

Best known in Image circles for writing, coloring and lettering (and even sometimes drawing) HAMMER OF THE GODS in collaboration with Michael Avon Oeming, Wheatley is an award-winning creator many times over. His unique work has appeared in Breathtaker (DC/Vertigo), Mars (First Comics), Radical Dreamer (Mark's Giant Size Economy Comics), Black Hood (DC/Impact) and Jonny Quest (Comico).

Through his Insight Studios Group he's published pulp adventures such as Titanic Tales and Jimgrim and the Devil at Ludd, art books such as Frank Cho Illustrator and the just released Al Williamson Adventures, portfolios, and even the pre-Image LIBERTY MEADOWS.

Wheatley said he's looking forward to the experiment, and hopes orders make it more challenging than he's expecting.

"The more books that are ordered, the more art I have to create. In keeping with the themes in FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER, I plan on drawing until they come and wrap me up like a Mummy. Or at least a straight jacket," he laughed.

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