Getting the Right Level of Destruction With Order and Chaos

This is "Went to Tell Somebody," where I spotlighted different cool independent comic book series based on submissions from the indie comic book creators themselves via a set Q & A with the creators themselves. Essentially, the creators speak for their own work and "Went to Tell Somebody" will give them a place to do so!

This is an ongoing weekly feature, so if you would like to see your work spotlighted, as well, there's no time limit or anything like that. So you can submit at any time. It's not a first come/first serve thing, ya know? Click here for the current submission guidelines.

Today, we look at Order and Chaos, a three issue miniseries by writer/creator Fred Boulos and artists JC Grande and Giuseppe Pica. The Comixology link for the book is here.

What is your comic about?

Fred Boulos: A mix of eighties-type buddy action with a slice of dark humor. “A mercenary is hired by the rebel leader of a foreign nation to help start an all-out rebellion, while elsewhere a spy attempts to infiltrate and steal secret files from the nation's presidential palace. As the rebel forces are used as fodder for the amusement of the American mercenary, just enough chaos is created for the spy to barely escape from the wrath of the government forces. With the dictator's forces still in hot pursuit, the spy focuses all his energy on getting out of the country alive, even as the nation's capital continues to fall around him.”

What made you choose to use the comic book medium for this story?

FB: The Comics medium is defined by an approach of combination; of sharing and integrating perspectives to define a work that is greater than its parts: art and words – plot and characters – moving and unmoving. Compared to prose, Comics present the option to offer more by engaging through unique art. And while seemingly less than film in that it is static, the careful and thoughtful merging of words and pictures allows the creation of movement in a reader’s mind that defines its own movement; allowing a reader to experience, participate, and create at the same time. Comics as an art form has its own unique characteristics and sensibilities, which allows it to define a multifaceted ideal for creation and expression. It makes them easy to love, and that joy makes you want to create your own.

What aspect of your comic are you most proud of?

FB: The completion. It is my work, warts and all. It took time, money, and effort to get it to a place where people could hopefully enjoy it, and that’s as great a payoff as any.

What's the one piece of philosophy and/or advice that has informed your comic book work the most?

FB: Not everyone is going to like what you do. A lot are probably going to hate it. And that’s fine. If you’re willing to create something and share it with others, you have to be open to all types of respectful feedback. It may not seem like it, but listening and learning is the key to go beyond where you are.

Since this is "Went to Tell Everybody," tell everybody about another current comic book series that you would like other people to know more about.

FB: “Dastardly & Muttley” from DC. Fun and imaginative interpretation of classic Hanna-Barbera characters. It’s Garth Ennis – nuff said.

Once again, the website where you can buy a copy of Oder and Chaos is here. You can also check out more pages from the first issue here.

Again, if you're interested in seeing YOUR independent comic book spotlighted in this feature, click here for the current submission guidelines.

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