Orange you glad Captain Citrus is coming to NYCC?

Forsaking the sunshine of Florida for the cooler climate of New York, Captain Citrus is making the trip north this week for New York Comic Con.

You remember Captain Citrus, the weird, anthropomorphized orange that served put in three years as the mascot of the Florida Department of Citrus, which turned to Marvel Custom Solutions over the summer to give the character a $1 million makeover. Now he's John Polk, a Florida orange grower who draws his power from ... mysterious solar pods. It's a little odd, sure, but nowhere near as weird as a giant orange that drinks orange juice.

The new Captain Citrus teams up with the Avengers against the Leader in a comic by Ralph Macchio and Kevin Sharpe that will be distributed to schools across the country. The special issue can be read online, but New York Comic Con attendees will be able to get their hands on a print edition on Sunday.

Captain Citrus is designed to market orange juice to teens and children, and to teach them about good nutrition.

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