'Opposite Forces' #3 graced with J. Scott Campbell, Phil Noto art

Official Press Release

Tom Bancroft, creator of OPPOSITE FORCES has a surprise for fans with Jeff Scott Campbell art gracing the cover of issue #3. The black and white issue will also feature a color back cover by hot cover artist Phil Noto as well as pinups by some of Bancroft's friends from former employer Disney animation, including one by Bancroft's twin brother and Co-Director of Disney's "Mulan, Tony Bancroft as well as Courtney Huddleston (DECOY). OPPOSITE FORCES is self-published through Bancroft and Rob Corley's Funnypages Press.

OPPOSITE FORCES is the story of two very different people, Marty and Alexis, who's lives are changed when the local superhero is attacked by an arch foe. Instead of being rendered powerless his powers are mistakenly split amongst Marty and Alexis. Now they have to deal with one another, mysterious new abilities, as well as an evil that they have accidentally unleashed on the world.

"Having pinups by some of my comic book creator friends has been something I wanted to do well before I even started OPPOSITE FORCES," says Bancroft. "Having Jeff (Campbell) and Phil (Noto) do one was a huge deal! They are both cool guys and I knew they would want to but I also knew I was asking two of the busiest guys in comics right now so them actually doing it was incredible! My series has been blessed with some great art by Mike Wieringo, Humberto Ramos, and Francisco Herrera- and that was just the first two issues! This issue is going to go nicely with the other two."

"Actually, I received such a great response of pinups for this issue that I had to move some of them over to next issue! Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid) and Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows) will be in next issue along with even more surprises!", said Bancroft, " I know it's just an "indy comic" but I like to approach it as more of an "event" since I can't put it out very frequently because of my busy schedule".

Look for OPPOSITE FORCES #3 in the July issue of Diamond's PREVIEWS catalog (out now) to ship in September. Also, Bancroft will be premiering the issue at Comic-con International in San Diego July 17-20th at the Funnypages Press booth. For more on this issue, some sample pages, as well as interviews with Bancroft, go to: www.funnypagespress.com.

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