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Out Of Your League: 15 Justice Leaguers Who Are Totally OP, Ranked

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Out Of Your League: 15 Justice Leaguers Who Are Totally OP, Ranked

The Justice League originally formed to give Earth protectors that could fight off unwanted threats that no one single superhero could defeat. Interestingly, the original Justice League members were all comparable to the powers of Greek Gods, with Superman being an analogue of Zeus, Batman compared to Hades, Aquaman with the water powers of Poseidon, Flash with the speed of Hermes, and so on. Interestingly, when looking at the individual members of the group, much like the Greek Gods, they are almost all overpowered to the level of ridiculousness.

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What fun is it to watch a superhero who is so powerful that no one has a chance to beat them? What fun is it to watch a superhero team that is full of OP superheroes? With the Justice League, it remains fun because they rarely get along and each member has weaknesses that they need others to help cover for — that is, indeed, what makes them human. While most of the members have superhuman strength and invulnerability, they also have additional powers to make them strong enough to beat just about anyone, despite their weaknesses. From Vixen and Firestorm to Superman, Wonder Woman, and more, here is a look at the 20 strongest Justice League members, ranked from weakest to totally overpowered.

NOTE: We will only be discussing those Justice League members with superpowers. Sorry Batman. (But come on, we all know he’d win anyway.)



Sure, most DC Comics fans over the years have come to see Aquaman as a joke. However, Arthur Curry is also one of the most powerful superheroes ever to grace the pages of a comic book. For those who still think he talks to fish, that is not his superpower. Instead, Aquaman can control aquatic life and use them to help him in battle. That may still not be as impressive for some, but it isn’t where things end for Aquaman.

Aquaman has superhuman strength, although at a level below both Superman and Wonder Woman. He can swim at super speeds and can see in complete blackness. Arthur also has his trident, which is a magical item that is indestructible and can hurt even the most powerful opponents, from Darkseid to Superman. Aquaman is not as OP as characters like Superman, but he is not a joke, something that will be further proven in both Justice League and his own upcoming film.


Red Tornado Supergirl

Red Tornado was never a hugely popular member of the Justice League, but he took center stage when he became the advisor to Young Justice, possibly the greatest animated comic book series of all-time. At one time, Red Tornado was an android created to be a villain that chose to become a hero. This version was a strong hero but not the most powerful. The OP version of Red Tornado would be when he is an Air Elemental in robot form.

He can create tornados, as his name suggests, and the winds he can whip up can destroy anything and tear apart a villain or bring down an entire city. He is also a robot, so he can’t be harmed, although overwhelmingly powerful beings can destroy his body. Being a computer, Red Tornado also benefits from nearly limitless intelligence, and like they say, “knowledge is power.”


Vixen isn’t the most popular of the Justice League members, but she was worthy enough for a show on CW Seed and is getting more popular as her character progresses. What makes Vixen so OP is the fact that she can take on the abilities of every animal that ever lived on Earth. Vixen gains her power from a totem infused with power by the spider god Anansi. She used this to become a member of the Justice League.

This power means Vixen can become as powerful as an elephant. She can run as fast as a cheetah. Because she can tap into the powers of any animal that ever lived, she can gain the power of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and even creatures that existed long ago in mythology like dragons. Vixen can also mix powers of two or more animals, making her abilities almost insurmountable.


Ray Fisher as Cyborg

It was a fascinating choice for the DC New 52, and the animated movies that followed, to replace Martian Manhunter in the Justice League with former Teen Titans member Cyborg. While most of his tenure as a superhero used him as comedy relief alongside Beast Boy (especially on the animated TV series), the Justice League Cyborg is very different. He is a tragic character forced into his life as a hero after an accident at his negligent, absentee father’s lab.

The Justice League Cyborg is also insanely OP, with the character enjoying some significant upgrades from the Teen Titans version. Cyborg can communicate and control technology to almost infinite levels thanks to the Mother Box technology fused to his very being. He has superhuman strength, durability and endurance. Cyborg can also shoot rockets, absorb technological attacks, and his body can regenerate from serious damage. He even has cybernetic lungs and can breathe underwater. Your move, Aquaman!


20 Justice Leaguers Ranked From Weakest To Totally OP

Firestorm is a character that can be ultimately OP if not for one glaring vulnerability based on a personal conflict. When it comes to this Justice League hero, that weakness is the fact that two men share the form of Firestorm and two minds are not always better than one. This is especially true when they are at odds with each other. This limitation affects the Justice League hero’s effectiveness. However, when they are on the same page, there aren’t many people who can beat Firestorm.

Firestorm can manipulate nuclear radiation and rearrange elements, transmuting them on a subatomic level. He can create objects like Green Lantern can, but while Lantern’s items disappear after their use, Firestorm’s remain intact, unless he destroys them. He can even create Kryptonite, which makes him a good fight against Superman. He can fly, become intangible, and is almost invulnerable. On a practical, physical level, he also has uncharted superhuman strength.


20 Justice Leaguers Ranked From Weakest To Totally OP

When it comes to magic in the DC Comics universe, there might not be anyone more powerful than Zatanna. Since she uses magic, she is someone who can defeat Superman if forced into a fight but she is not quite as powerful if left without the ability to use her powers. Unlike Justice League members like Doctor Fate and Etrigan, Zatanna is a regular human who developed her magical powers on her own without needing a host.

The most impressive thing about Zatanna is that, despite being a human, the limits to her powers have never been revealed and it seems she can do almost anything needed to win a fight, making her a very OP Justice League member. She can manipulate all forms of energy, create magical constructs and apparitions. What’s perhaps frightening is that she is growing in strength and power as time rolls on — luckily, her humanity has always been her strongest suit.


20 Justice Leaguers Ranked From Weakest To Totally OP

Etrigan is an elder demon and as such, is imbued with the very power of hell itself. That makes him a rival for people like Superman, who have a vulnerability to magic. He is similar to a god when it comes to his powers, putting him on the same level as a Wonder Woman or Shazam. However, the one thing that holds Etrigan the Demon down on a list of the most OP Justice League members is his portrayal since the start of the New 52, which depowered him somewhat.

Etrigan has superhuman strength and once struck Superman so hard once that he launched him to the moon. This is also a guy who can blow hellfire from his lungs, and has been said to have energies similar in strength to those of Darkseid and Doctor Fate. Add in super speed, telepathy, precognition, and more, and he is a very OP superhero. His power is vulnerable to holy powers, iron and stronger magicians, though there aren’t many of those!


20 Justice Leaguers Ranked From Weakest To Totally OP

Regardless of which one you’re talking about, Green Lantern is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Empowered by his alien ring, which gives life to anything his imagination can come up with, a GL is limited only by his mind and his willpower to make his thoughts into reality. Many times, he has felled even the strongest leaguers, with John Stewart once taking out Superman with one blast from his ring (Green Lantern: Rebirth).

What kicks a Green Lantern even further into the overpowered camp is when he, she or it is further imbued with the power of a living entity of emotion. Ion, for example, is the name of the being made from the very coalesced willpower of the universe. It has been fused multiple times to chosen Lanterns — most notably Kyle Rayner and Sodam Yat — to become beings with godlike powers, channelled (usually) through a ring. Of course, when Parallax (the fear entity) is involved, that power, while similarly godlike, is truly terrifying.


Injustice Shazam

His name alone shows how powerful Shazam is. The letters stand for the origin of his powers, derived as they are from the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. Shazam is also one of the oldest superheroes in comic book history, debuting shortly after Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – albeit for a rival publisher. Fawcett Comics created him as their version of Superman (and faced legal action because of it).

When DC Comics acquired him, the publisher made a few changes, but he still rivals the powers of Superman and has one advantage over the Man of Steel – his powers come from magic, which is one of Superman’s most notorious weaknesses. Many stories show that Shazam can beat Superman, but he is not as OP as Superman for one reason. Shazam is actually a child named Billy Batson, which increases his compassion, but puts a limit on his fighting skills and tendency towards violence. But that’s probably a good thing.


A lot of people might dismiss Flash as someone who just runs fast. The fact that many writers over the years, as well as a number of animated TV shows, portrays him as a goof hurts his credibility when it comes to his powers. However, this Justice League member – whether it is Barry Allen, Wally West or any of the other heroes to bear the name – is one of the most powerful heroes on the Earth, an OP superhero who can manipulate time itself.

Look at Flashpoint to see how powerful Flash is. He ran so fast and exerted so much power in the Speed Force that he completely changed history (later retconned). His super speed also affects his recovery from injuries, and he can travel through time to change any incidents that he chooses (with varying ramifications as well). Flash can also throw lightning, vibrate his molecules so fast that he can pass through objects, and generate enough speed to deliver a devastating punch that can take down anyone, including Superman!


Henry Cavill as Superman

One of the biggest complaints about Superman is the fact that he is a ridiculously OP superhero. However, when it comes to members of the Justice League, he isn’t even number one on that list. Yes, Superman has just about any powers that a writer wants to give him in any given story, but he also has an enormous weakness. He is allergic to Kryptonite, which can kill him, he is vulnerable to magic, and needs the yellow sun to keep his full strength. He is also exceptionally pure and won’t step over a line to win a fight, despite what Man of Steel would have you believe.

However, as far as his powers go, Superman has superhuman strength, can fly, is super fast, he can shoot heat rays from his eyes, blow freezing breath, has super hearing and x-ray vision, and has other powers on occasion as well, including generating solar flares! He is the original OP superhero (technically, he was the original superhero, period), but that doesn’t make him the strongest!


20 Justice Leaguers Ranked From Weakest To Totally OP

Wonder Woman is not just a magic lasso, bulletproof bracelets and an invisible jet. Thanks to the hugely successful movie, everyone now knows how powerful Diana truly is, and it is staggering! Wonder Woman had her body sculpted from clay and imbued with the powers of the Greek Gods (well, depending on which continuity you are going with). She is just as strong and powerful as Superman, while not having such a strong weakness to magic. She is also a warrior, first and foremost, and will do what it takes to get the job done, including kill.

Recently, Wonder Woman became even more overpowered, when she became the new God of War, replacing Ares. She is also the daughter of Zeus and has god-like powers that make her even more powerful than Shazam. Her war-hardened skills also make her a better fighter than Superman.


20 Justice Leaguers Ranked From Weakest To Totally OP

Martian Manhunter and Superman have pretty much the same powers with a couple of exceptions. Along with invincibility, super strength, “Martian vision” and super speed, J’onn J’onzz can also change shapes and has high-level telepathic abilities. While who would win a fistfight between Superman and Martian Manhunter is debatable, it would be a great battle and either Justice League member could come out as the winner. However, when it comes to why J’onn is more OP than Superman, that comes down to mind control.

Martian Manhunter can use his telepathy to read the mind of the person he is fighting, putting him at an advantage at every aspect of the fight. He can also control items using telekinesis, or change the subatomic structure of his body so that objects or blasts fly right through him! He would rank higher on the list of OP Justice League members if not for his fear of (and weakness to) fire.


Captain Atom flying towards the viewer

Captain Atom is a United States Air Force officer who underwent experimental treatments to avoid execution for a crime he never committed. It is similar to Luke Cage’s origin in Marvel Comics, except instead of just gaining superhuman strength and invulnerability, Nathaniel Adam gained the powers of tapping into the Quantum Field. This ability gives him enormous powers that make him a threat to anyone he fights.

Captain Atom can fly, shoot energy blasts, control atomic energy and can also transmute physical matter. He taps into the nuclear force and is getting stronger and stronger as he ages (well, when he isn’t dead, which is quite often). Captain Atom is pretty much unbeatable unless he overexerts himself and can no longer maintain his solid form. After that, he slips out of the fight or explodes in a devastating nuclear blast — whatever comes first. In a one-on-one battle, Captain Atom is one of the few Justice League members that is OP enough to easily beat Superman.



There isn’t a member of the Justice League that touches the power of Doctor Fate. If there is anyone in the entire DC Comics universe that is completely OP, it is Fate. The person who wears the Helmet of Fate is the avatar of Nabu, a sorcerer who can grant himself any power that he chooses whenever he needs it. He has superhuman strength, is invulnerable and can fly, but his physical power pales in comparison to his mastery of magic in the DC Universe.

Among many other arcane acts he has shown since his creation, Doctor Fate can raise the dead, cast any spells he wants and even control his enemies through mystical telepathy. He can also change history and mold the universe to his desires, making it a good thing that he is a superhero. His powers have no limits – unless the avatar loses the helmet, or it falls into the wrong hands! Woe betide anyone then.

Which of these OP Justice Leaguers is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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