OOPS: "X-Men: Manifest Destiny" #5 Actually "X-Men/Spider-Man" #3

Some Marvel fans who unscrupulously read their comic books in stores before buying them - a habit popularly known as Byrne-Stealing, in honor of former comics legend John Byrne- were amusingly vindicated on Wednesday, when it was discovered that behind the Humberto Ramos-illustrated cover of "X-Men: Manifest Destiny" #5 were the contents of an entirely different comic book, "X-Men/Spider-Man" #3 - which was not set to ship until January 14. The transposition is the result of a printing error.

Proper editions of both "X-Men: Manifest Destiny" #5 and "X-Men/Spider-Man" #3 will go on sale next week.

A representative from Marvel was unavailable at press time, so it remains unknown what if any steps will be taken to replace erroneous books purchased before the error was discovered.

UPDATE - Thursday morning, CBR News spoke with Marvel's Senior Vice President of Sales & Circulation Publishing David Gabriel who told CBR News that customers who purchased the misprinted issue should return them to the store they purchased it from and get a replacement copy on January 21st. "Retailers received a full order of new copies at no charge of course," Gabriel said.

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