"Onslaught Reborn" #1 Sells Out

Official Press Release

The biggest and baddest menace to wreck havoc on the Marvel Universe is back and fans couldn't be happier. Onslaught Reborn #1 has sold out at Diamond and writer Jeph Loeb is ecstatic with the response the limited series has received thus far. Marvel has no plans at the moment to go back to press on the issue, but it is being considered.

"This is delightful on so many levels. First off, the fans and retailers who believed in Rob and I and a story that is fun and unpredictable -- we THANK YOU! Secondly, to have my first book coming back to Marvel sell out -- and at a very big number too -- is very sweet."

"And mostly, since a substantial portion of the proceeds from the entire mini-series goes to THE SAM LOEB COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP FUND -- it shows me, once again, that the comic book community CARES. Sam will be gone 18 months to this day -- and I miss him more than anyone can imagine and we work in the imagination business! But, he'd be smiling, not just for the success, but for Rob too who 10 years later has this kind of good fortune. Onslaught ROCKS! And wait until you see the Joe Mad cover for Issue #2!!!"

Seen for the first time, here is Joe Madureira's cover to Onslaught Reborn #2. Plus, another peak at Onslaught Reborn artist Rob Liefeld's cover to issue #3.

Onslaught has returned and his first target: Franklin Richards. After taking on the Fantastic Four, it's time for the rest of the Marvel Universe to feel his wrath. And Onslaught has no plans of stopping there, either.

Be advised, copies of Onslaught Reborn #1 may still be available at the retail level.

ONSLAUGHT REBORN #3 (of 5) (NOV062311)

Written by JEPH LOEB

Pencils and Cover by ROB LIEFELD

50/50 Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC – 12/28, On-Sale – 1/17/2007

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