Oni's 'Pounded' to be collected this October

[Pounded TPB]Oni Press announced Wednesday that a collected version of the mini-series "Pounded," by Brian Wood and Steve Rolston, will be released this October. This trade paperback will include many of the extras fans have come to expect from collected editions including selections from both Wood and Rolston's sketchbooks, the online strips feature on Oni's Web site, and a gallery of pin-ups by Jimmy Palmiotti, Eric Canete and more. The collection will have a new cover by Rolston with an introduction by "Avengers" artist Kieron Dwyer.

"Steve more than proved himself with his work on 'Queen & Country,'" said series editor James Lucas Jones in a release. "And Bri's success with 'Channel Zero' and 'Couscous Express' established him as a major player in the world of black-and-white comics so expectations for this series were pretty high. But even with the bar raised, Bri and Steve were still able to reach up, grab it, and use it to beat an unsuspecting comics audience upside the head."

"Pounded," a decidedly adult series, tells the story of Heavy Parker and his away-at-college girlfriend Missy. It's a story filled with sex, questions of fidelity, music, violence and a heavy dose of punk thrown in for good measure.

"Anybody even vaguely familiar with my work knows that I like to play with the flaws in humanity," said Wood in the release. "With 'Pounded' I got to take a small town punk and force him into a dark, funny, ultra-violent face-off against a gang of thugs he really shouldn't stand a chance against. Sure, he dug the hole he fell in, but that just makes it more fun to watch him dig himself out."

In the same month that this trade debuts Rolston will be hard at work on "MEK" with Warren Ellis for Wildstorm and Wood will debut his new Vertigo series "Fight For Tomorrow" the month before.

The "Pounded" trade paperback will retail for $8.95 and is 96 pages. This past April CBR News brought you a preview of the second issue of "Pounded" as well as an audio preview of the "Pounded: The Official Comic Book Soundtrack." Thirty second clips of the soundtrack are still available. Click here to read the story.

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