Oni's "Ghost Projekt" in Development at NBC

Oni Press supernatural thriller "Ghost Projekt" is now in development as a potential drama series at NBC, according to Deadline.

The show looks to follow the same premise as Joe Harris and Steve Rolston's original five-issue miniseries, which depicted American weapons inspector Will Haley and Russian detective Anya Romanova teaming for an investigation with supernatural implications.

"Troll Hunter" writer and director Andre Øvredal is set to direct and co-write the pilot; Oni publisher and co-founder Joe Nozemack and editor-in-chief James Lucas Jones will serve as producers. A pilot based on Oni series "The Sixth Gun" was produced for NBC for the fall 2013 season, but was not picked up as a series.

In 2010, Harris, who wrote the 2003 horror film "Darkness Falls," talked with CBR News about why "Ghost Projekt" was developed as a comic book rather than a screenplay.

"I could have easily written this as a spec script or tried to pitch this to see if somebody would buy it," Harris said. "Once I made that transition to working in Hollywood, it began to become a little tedious. You get caught up in this race where you have a movie that comes out and you fit wherever it is you fit on the totem pole and that affects whether or not people want to work with you, whether or not they want to attach you to a particular project to go pitch to studios or whether or not you're a viable candidate to write this project or that project as opposed to another writer who might be a little hotter this week."

Harris first came to attention in the comic book industry in the late '90s at Marvel with series like "Slingers" and "Bishop: The Last X-Man," and currently writes "The X-Files: Season 10" for IDW. Rolston was the original artist of Oni's "Queen & Country," in development as a feature film at Fox.

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