Oni takes you to the oddest place on Jay Stephens' Comics Map

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The wonderful thing about the work of Jay Stephens is that, with each new comic, he creates a brand new place to visit. Sure, you can get on the highway in the Land of Nod and take it over to Atomic City, but the difference is about as distinct as Los Angeles and Tokyo. So, Oni Press is proud to announce it is adding one more of Jay's fabulous landscapes to its 2002 travel itinerary. In January, Oni will be releasing an all-new printing of Jay's long-out-of-print newspaper work-a strip about a curious place called ODDVILLE.

"It's rare anymore when you find something truly unique, be it in comics or any artform," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "It's all been done. We know that. Yet, every time Jay Stephens puts pen to paper and starts a new project, it completely blows me away. And with something like ODDVILLE, it came out 6 years ago, and so it's been copied left, right, and center, so you forget the guy who got the whole ball rolling."

ODDVILLE is a surrealistic journey through one town. It begins with a kiss. Tod Johnson plants one on Melanie McKay, and before you can say "Ick!", Daisy the flying baby suddenly appears and takes to the skies. Melanie changes into her secret identity, Jetcat, and zooms after her, beginning a wild chase that involved zombie rock bands, kooky mad scientists, hungry alley cats, colossal robots, giant monkeys-you name it, ODDVILLE has it!

"It's odd looking at ODDVILLE after all this time, to say the least," Stephens commented. "But I think it's good to keep this material alive, since if you want to see where my art is headed, you should take a look at where I've been. Plus, thanks to JETCAT CLUBHOUSE, I have lots of new fans who have never seen this work before, and ODDVILLE is significant because it contains the first appearance of Jetcat anywhere!"

"Newspaper strips have gotten so sanitized, it's always a joy when something like ODDVILLE comes along," Oni publisher Joe Nozemack said. "When comic strips began early in the century, they were distinct for their whimsical nature and unbridled enthusiasm. There was an anything-goes attitude that flowed from one panel to the next. ODDVILLE recaptures that spirit and reminds us what a great storytelling medium this format could be."

ODDVILLE will ship to comic book stores on January 25, 2002. It has 88 pages of black-and-white story and art, is 9" X 10", and is priced at $10.95.

Watch for more work from Jay Stephens and Oni Press in the future, as the first installment in the ATOMIC CITY TALES reprints, GO POWER!, is scheduled for April, 2002.


In other Jay Stephens/Oni Press news, JETCAT CLUBHOUSE will be going on hiatus after issue #4, due to ship in the next four weeks. This means that #5, solicited for December, will be cancelled.

"Jay has decided with so much of his work being reprinted next year," Jamie S. Rich said, "that he should refocus his efforts and possibly work towards more self-contained projects. While this doesn't mean there will be no new Jetcat in our future, it is all we have planned for now and in this format."

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