Oni releases new TPB's for 'Nocturnals' and 'Barry Ween' this May

Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the pending collection of two of their most popular miniseries. This May will see the release of Dan Brereton's fully painted NOCTURNALS: THE DARK FOREVER and THE ADVENTURES OF BARRY WEEN, BOY GENIUS 4: GORILLA WARFARE, a new book featuring the second half of Judd Winick's recent MONKEY TALES miniseries.

"Judd and Dan show that quality work isn't restricted to any one genre or format," Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack said. "With the latest NOCTURNALS series Dan has taken his creepy craft to another level. His distinct painting style and genre-bending stories each keep advancing and showing off his growth as an artist and a writer."

"Judd always brings the funny with him wherever he goes," added Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "If you've read even one issue of BARRY you know that. But GORILLA WARFARE is a whole different animal. Judd has given his characters a level of depth that is lacking in the cast of those other boy geniuses."

Set several years after the previous BLACK PLANET TPB, NOCTURNALS: THE DARK FOREVER features Dan Brereton's horrific heroes returning to Pacific City after having gone their separate ways after the last NOCTURNALS tale. Faced with a new evil, Doc Horror, his daughter Eve, Starfish, Poly, Firelion, Gunwitch, and the Raccoon have to work together once again to stave off the dark forces bent on destroying their home.

"Dan's work has a vibe completely its own," commented BARRY creator Judd Winick. "At first his comics feel like a blend of the old pulps, drive-in B-movies, and classic superhero archetypes, but once you get into the work you realize that these stories are much more than the sum of their influences. NOCTURNALS comics have a unique take on a variety of genres and a personality that's completely Dan."

"Hey, BARRY WEEN ain't bad either," added Brereton. "It's like DEXTER'S LAB meets SOUTH PARK meets THE FANTASTIC FOUR with a little REAL GENIUS thrown in for good measure, except Judd's characters have more heart and humor than any of those."

GORILLA WARFARE collects issues four through six of Winick's critically acclaimed BARRY WEEN: MONKEY TALES miniseries. Barry's first multi-part adventure sees the boy genius and his pals, Jeremy and Sarah, trapped in an alien dimension with a giant talking gorilla their only shot at returning home.

"These NOCTURNALS and BARRY trades are ones that fans have been waiting for with baited breath," concluded Rich. "We're just happy to be giving the people what they want."

NOCTURNALS: THE DARK FOREVER will ship to comic book stores on May 22, 2002. It has 88 pages of full color story and art in a comic sized book and is priced at $9.95.

THE ADVENTURES OF BARRY WEEN, BOY GENIUS 4: GORILLA WARFARE is scheduled to ship on May 31, 2002. It is a standard comics-sized book with 96 pages of black-and-white story and art, and retails for 8.95.

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