Oni Press throws Madman a birthday bash

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Ten years ago, Mike Allred's Madman was unleashed on an unsuspecting comics public. Full of dizzying visuals, oddball sight gags, and one of the most unique characters to ever don superhero pajamas, MADMAN: THE ODDITY ODYSSEY was an instant, just-add-water sort of sensation. Unfortunately, over the years, this innovative story has drifted out of print. We here at Oni Press don't feel that this is at all proper, and so we're going to celebrate the book's decade anniversary in style-a brand new edition of MADMAN: THE ODDITY ODYSSEY!

Regular explorers of the wild comic book landscape should have fond memories of THE ODDITY ODYSSEY, with it's expressive silvery tones, whacked-out action, and the little dancing Madman in the lower corners (he moves when you flip the pages! Serious!). "For many, it was the beginning of a comic book revolution," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Mike was breaking all the rules. He made it safe for snooty indie guys like me to read superheroes again!"

In the years since he released THE ODDITY ODYSSEY, Allred has become a bit of a cause celebre. From movie and music projects, to his self-publishing efforts with THE ATOMICS, and finally his best-selling work on X-FORCE and CATWOMAN, Mike Allred has consistently wowed fans with his willingness to go gonzo and defy all expectations. His latest work not only appeals to his original readers, but also a whole new set of fans-making this reprint all the more essential.

"It's interesting to note how this early MADMAN is almost a precursor to what Pete Milligan and I are doing on X-FORCE," Allred said. "In his initial adventures, Frank Einstein was a little more nuts than he is now. I wanted to create a world that was a bit bizarre, and where it wasn't out of the ordinary for it to get violent and out of control. I don't think fans of my Marvel work will be disappointed with where my path began."

"I know when I talk about Madman, and Mike's work in general, I sound like I am resorting to hyperbole," Rich concluded, "but the truth is, I couldn't be more excited to be doing THE ODDITY ODYSSEY. If I sound like a giddy schoolgirl, it's because I'm reliving that initial rush of happiness that MADMAN brought to my life in 1992. If you've already read these comics, you know what I am talking about and will probably want to relive the experience with me; if you haven't read it, then you're really in for a treat."

MADMAN: THE ODDITY ODYSSEY is 152 pages of gray-toned black-and-white artwork and retails for $15.95. If features a brand-new cover by the Allreds. The book ships to comic book stores on February 15, 2002.

Oni Press plans to follow this book with a reprint of the second Madman series, MADMAN ADVENTURES. That full-color trade paperback is scheduled for release in June, 2002.

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