Oni Press Solicitations for February 2018

Oni Press has provided CBR News with the exclusive first look at covers and solicit information for products shipping February 2018. When you're through checking out these solicitations, be sure to visit CBR's Indie Comics Forum and discuss these Oni Press releases with fellow readers.

Oni Press Solicitations - Last Six Months

Dead of Winter Volume One

  • (W) Kyle Starks (A) Gabo (CA) Brian Hurtt with Bill Crabtree
  • From the tabletop smash hit comes this new comic series starring your favorite characters fromPlaid Hat Games' DEAD OF WINTER, written by Kyle Starks (the Eisner Award-nominatedSexcastle), and illustrated by Gabo (The Life After). In the pantheon of superheroes, none aremore loveable and loyal than everyone's favorite good ol' dog, Sparky. Surviving in the winteryapocalypse of the undead, this former TV show stunt dog turned zombie killing machine justwants to make friends and be a good boy. As his fellow survivors scavenge for supplies in thefrigid wasteland, will Sparky be able to protect his companions from threats both undead andotherwise?
  • Collects issues #1-4 from the "Good Good Dog" storyline from DEAD OF WINTER!
  • 4/18/18 | 112 pgs | Softcover, 6x9 | Mature Themes | Horror/Comedy | $14.99

Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom

  • (W) Terry Blas and Molly Muldoon (A/CA) Matthew Seely
  • Deep in the Oregon wilderness sits Camp Bloom, a weight-loss camp where "overweight" teenscan "get in shape." Jesse would rather be anywhere else, but her parents are forcing her to go.Noah isn't sure if he wants to be there, but it's too late to turn back. Tony is heartbroken at thethought of giving up his phone and internet. And Kate... well, she likes the hikes, at least. As faras these four teens are concerned, it's just another boring summer. Until one night, when Jesseand Noah witness a beloved counselor's murder. The body's gone by the next morning, but ablurry photo leads to one clue—the murderer is one of the camp's staff members! But whichone? As Jesse, Noah, Kate, and Tony investigate, they quickly discover that everyone's gottheir secrets... and one of them would kill to keep theirs hidden.
  • 4/25/18 | 176 pgs | Softcover, 6x9 | Young Adult Audiences | Mystery | $19.99

Invader Zim #28

  • (W) Sam Logan (A) Mady G (C) Fred C. Stresing (CA) Mady G with Fred C. Stresing (CA) RianSygh
  • SOMEWHERE IN SPACE is an object so powerful, so deadly, so mysterious, that no one hasever laid claim to it! AND ZIM WANTS IT! But that's before he realizes WHY this mysteriousobject is so hard to obtain—the closer you get to it, the more time slows down. But hey, ZIM'scarried out stupider quests without giving up, so... well, it should be entertaining, at least.
  • 2/7/18 | 32 pages | Standard Comic | All-Ages | Sci-Fi/Humor | $3.99

My Boyfriend is a Bear

  • (W) Pamela Ribon (A/CA) Cat Farris
  • Bear meets girl. Nora has bad luck with men. When she meets an (actual) bear on a hike in theLos Angeles hills, he turns out to be the best romantic partner she’s ever had! He’s considerate,he’s sweet, he takes care of her. But he’s a bear, and winning over her friends and family isdifficult. Not to mention he has to hibernate all winter. Can true love conquer all?
  • 4/11/18 | 176 pages | Softcover, 6x9 | Young Adult Audiences | Romantic Comedy | $19.99

Rick and Morty #35

  • (W) Kyle Starks; Magdalene Visaggio (A) Marc Ellerby (CA) Katy Farina (CA) Marc Ellerby withKaty Farina (CA) Jude Vigants
  • Rick, Morty, and Summer journey to a prehistoric land full of DINOSAURS! Thankfully, Rick hasit all under control. That is, until he's suddenly out of commission, and it's up to Summer andMorty to get them home. Plus, the conclusion of "The Rick Identity"!
  • 2/28/18 | 32 pages | Standard Comic | Teen, 16+ | Sci-Fi/Humor | $3.99

Stumptown V2: The Case of the Baby in the Velvet Case

  • (W) Greg Rucka (A/CA) Matthew Southworth (C) Rico Renzi
  • Dex Parios, the proprietor of Stumptown Investigations, has a new office and a long list ofclients she can't take on because of their involvement with crime lord Hector Marenco. So whenMim Bracca walks into her life with an open-and-shut case of a missing guitar, Dex is eager toget started, especially when the rock star pays her up front. But Dex soon discovers that it's notjust the guitar that's gone missing... and she's not the only one looking for it.
  • 4/25/18 | 142 pages | Standard Comic, Softcover | Mature Audiences | Crime | $19.99

The Damned #8

  • (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Brian Hurtt (C) Bill Crabtree (CA) Brian Hurtt with Bill Crabtree
  • The explosive climax to the Prodigal Sons storyline! Eddie thought his plan was simple enough,but he couldn’t have imagined that even dead there’d be a hit out on his corpse. While he triesto finish what he started in the netherworld, it’s up to his brother, Morgan, to keep his body safewhile trying to figure out exactly why they’re so hellbent on killing his brother for good, and thesecret history of their curse. The answers are guaranteed to surprise everyone!
  • 2/7/18 | 32 pages | Standard Comic | Mature Audiences | Crime/Fantasy | $3.99

The Damned Volume Two: Ill-Gotten

  • (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Brian Hurtt (C) Bill Crabtree (CA) Brian Hurtt with Bill Crabtree
  • In a prohibition-era world where demonic entities pull the strings that make the crime familiesdance, Eddie is a mortal with two things working for him. First of all, he can't die. Well, he canand does, quite often, but he doesn't stay that way long. Second, Eddie runs the GehennaRoom, a nightclub with a strict "no demons allowed" policy. But blessings and curses don't lookall that different these days. When one of Eddie's old pals shows up seeking sanctuary, Eddieknows he's in for a double-cross. That means walking the line between salvation and damnationonce more.
  • Collects the 5-issue "Ill-Gotten" storyline from The Damned.
  • 4/18/18 | 136 pages | Standard Comic, Softcover | Mature Audiences | Crime/Fantasy | $19.99
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