Oni Press re-releases 'Cut My Hair'

Official Press Release

[Cut My Hair]Oni Press and Crazyfish are proud to announce that CUT MY HAIR, the debut novel from Jamie S. Rich, is returning to print this August! Originally published by Crazyfish/MJ-12 in the summer of 2000, the prose novel featured spot illustrations by popular artists Chynna Clugston-Major, Judd Winick, Andi Watson, Scott Morse, and Renee French and quickly sold out; making the book largely unavailable despite continued interest from fans of both comics and small press fiction.

"While prose isn't a normal part of the Oni Press line, CUT MY HAIR fits in seemlessly ," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Jamie's novel is about youth and love and music, subjects that that lay at the heart of many of our books. "

"With 2002 shaping up to be my busiest year in comics ever, I knew that there was no way I had the time to put my publisher hat on again," Crazyfish head honcho Scott Morse added. "But at the same time I really wanted to see CUT MY HAIR back on shelves. Partnering with Oni provides the perfect way to make this happen and satisfy the continuing demand from fans for the book."

CUT MY HAIR is the story of a young man named Mason. He hangs out with kids that are into bad music and bad haircuts. He lives in sunny California, where he spends his nights acting stupid in punk rock clubs and his days aimlessly reading comics and listening to tunes. The two most important things in his life are the girl who makes his heart beat at erratic speeds and the band with the strange boy he knows from high school-both of whom lead lives far more interesting than the one he leads himself. Unfortunately, his life is about to come crashing down on him in a barrage of angry fists and stomping feet. Everything is going to change

"The response I've gotten since CUT MY HAIR's initial release is really astonishing," Rich said, "I wasn't sure how the book would find its audience. Would comic readers care about illustrated prose? Would bookstores know what to do with it? Well, evidently the answer to both questions is 'Yes.' It's unbelievably rewarding to see people relating to a work I've invested so much time and energy in and I'm thrilled with the opportunity to share this book with a new batch of readers."

This new printing of CUT MY HAIR contains 236 pages of prose and over 50 illustrations and retails for $15.95. Wrapped in a full-color cover by Mike & Laura Allred, it hits stands August 7, 2002.

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