Oni Press patches coming in December

[Oni Press Patch]This coming winter, Oni Press will be giving a wide release to its assortment of four patches, previously only available this past August at Comic Con International. The stitched badges feature the logos for POUNDED, QUEEN & COUNTRY, the Oni demon head, and a specially designed BLUE MONDAY patch based on the Royal Air Force target.

The patches can either be ironed on or sewn-depending on one's sewing skills. (Punk rock kids can, of course, use safety pins.) Each patch is sold separately and retails for $7.95.

The dimensions for the designs are as follows:

[Blue Monday Patch]BLUE MONDAY – 4" circle

ONI HEAD – 3" circle

POUNDED – 4"x1"


"Following the success of our BLUE MONDAY buttons, we thought we would expand our little fashion accessory empire," said Oni Press editor James Lucas Jones. "Our thinking so far has been to go with stuff that can work as decoration, and with some of our more hardcore series. I'd like nothing more than to be going down the street and see some cool high school kids sporting an Oni patch on their backpack!"

The Oni Press patches will be released in early December, 2002.

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