Oni Press organizes disaster relief auction

As expected more announcements are being made about efforts to raise money for disaster relief in light of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC. Oni Press disseminated this press release today detailing charity auctions to be held on eBay next month.

In times of crisis, people always ask themselves what they can do to help those affected by disaster. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States, many have been left with a desire to do something to lend a hand but haven't known what. While many have talked about benefit books, we here at Oni Press - Joe Nozemack, Jamie S. Rich, and James Lucas Jones - have taken a tip from our friends Brian Bendis, Jason Pritchett, and Justin from World Famous Comics, moderators of the Jinxworld Message Board, and we are going to be running a charity auction. Andrew Goletz, editor and publisher of GrayHavenMagazine.com will also be contributing to the promotion of the event.

All of us involved are reaching out to our friends in the comics community to join us in our efforts.

The current plan is to offer materials only comics professionals can provide. This means original art, signed comics, limited editions, statues, scripts, etc. All materials will be auctioned through Ebay, with proceeds after Ebay fees and shipping going to the American Red Cross relief fund.

We are asking that interested parties e-mail us at comicshelp@onipress.com and inform us of what they intend to donate. At that time, we will enter the item in our database and assign it a number. We would like the items to be at the Oni offices by October 1, with the auction to begin on October 8. The volume of the material donated will determine how long the auction will run, as we may have to upload material to the auction site in blocks. While we know people want to be as generous as possible, we ask that you limit donations to one or two items in order to help us handle the workload.

Many artists and writers have already agreed to be involved, including Warren Ellis, Greg Rucka, Ted Naifeh, Gail Simone, Brian Wood, Renee French, Steve Rolston, Jen Van Meter, Beau Smith, Lea Hernandez, Jim Mahfood, Pete Woods, Rebecca Woods, Mike Norton, Scott Morse, Stan Sakai, Dan Brereton, Shannon Wheeler, Brian Bendis, Guy Davis, Tom Grummett & Karl Kesel, Chynna Clugston-Major, Evan Dorkin, Judd Winick, Brad Meltzer, Mike Allred, and Paul Dini.

Those of us at Oni would like to stress our desire to make this a community wide event. We don't want this to be about one company or even a handful of individuals. The comics community is a strong and generous one that focuses a lot of positive energy on its art. In this time of need, it would be beneficial to all to focus that energy towards a common goal.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

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