Oni Press offers reprint of Morse's 'Visitations' in April

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[Visitations]Scott Morse's stand-alone graphic novel, VISITATIONS, is considered by many of his fans to be the strongest piece of work in his multi-faceted canon. When you stand the book next to such varied works of graphic literature as SOULWIND, VOLCANIC REVOLVER, and ANCIENT JOE, that's a pretty tall claim. Sadly, VISITATIONS has been absent from comics shelves for quite some time. Published by Image Comics in 1998, it earned Morse critical acclaim and recognition from the Eisner committee, but once the books sold out, that was it.

This April, Oni Press will be reprinting VISITATIONS and adding it to their already extensive Morse back list.

"VISITATIONS is the first book of Scott's I ever read," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "I am actually quite fond of telling the story of how it happened. I had been told about Scott's work while at Dark Horse, but hadn't gotten around to reading it. I met him at Wondercon, and he put a copy of VISITATIONS in my hands. I took it to my hotel room and read it cover-to-cover. That's not something I do at conventions. That's not something most editors do at conventions. I was blown away, and excited to learn that my impending new home, Oni, was going to be publishing VOLCANIC REVOLVER."

"It just makes sense to bring this book over to Oni," Morse commented. "They have the bulk of my bibliography, and the metaphysical themes running through SOULWIND have some connection to the ideas I explore in VISITATIONS. They should sit next to one another."

VISITATIONS is the story of a woman who is losing her faith in the ultimate human purpose. When she encounters a philosophical priest, he attempts to show her that God has a plan at work in our every-day lives. Armed with a newspaper, he points out three seemingly unrelated stories-and soon the interconnectedness of the human race becomes clear.

"The structure of the book is inspired by an enormously stylish Japanese film called KWAIDAN," Morse said. "I wanted to go for the same sense of story telling, and for an otherworldly feeling surrounding very human characters."

"There are few creators out there like Scott," concluded Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Like Paul Pope, like Kyle Baker, he's one of those artists that emerges with a full-blown vision, that has an arsenal of stories and artistic techniques that is unpredictable and varied, but always powerful. We consider his choice to continually work with us as one of the shining jewels in the Oni crown."

VISITATIONS contains 96 pages of story and art, printed on white paper with a sepia ink (like in the first printing, or similar to Morse's VOLCANIC REVOLVER), and it's approximately 6" X 9". It ships to comics shops on April 30, 2003. It retails for $8.95. The trade paperback ISBN # is 1929998341. Morse is providing a new, painted cover.

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