Oni Press' "Northwest Passage" by Scott Chantler Gets Massive Upgrade!

Oni Press had originally thought to offer THE ANNOTATED NORTHWEST PASSAGE - a collection of all three volumes of Scott Chantler's bare-knuckled, two-fisted, pulse-pounding historical western action adventure - as a 240 page trade paperback for $19.95.

After careful consideration, we decided that that format just didn't do justice to this amazing sweeping epic.

Everyone here at Oni is thrilled to announce that we have decided to upgrade this book to a hardcover, with an additional 24 pages of extra content, annotations, and extras - all for the same price. In addition, we are actually increasing the size of the book to make the pages 6x9. The original graphic novels were in the smaller Oni digest format.

That's right folks... this book is getting a BIG upgrade.

We are offering retailers and readers more value, more pages, and more book, all for the same price! How often does that happen?

"I'm completely excited about the hardcover," exclaims Scott Chantler, the series creator. "I put everything I've got into NORTHWEST PASSAGE, both personally and in terms of craft. I am humbled and gratified that the folks over at Oni Press feel as passionately about the book as I do."

"I'm thrilled with the format change," said Christopher Butcher, manager of The Beguiling Books in Toronto, Canada. "Northwest Passage has been a strong seller for us, and hearing that the collected edition would be getting a more substantial treatment was music to our ears. Northwest Passage is a book with legs, and a durable, impressive trade dress is going to give it the shelf life it deserves."

To better promote this collection and its upgrade, Oni is also offering the entire first volume as a free digital download on their website.www.onipress.com


by Scott Chantler

ISBN-10: 1-932664-61-0

ISBN-13: 978-1932664-61-4

Diamond Order Code: FEB07 3673

Price: $19.95 US

Here are some great reviews for NORTHWEST PASSAGE:

The Globe & Mail, one of Canada's finest newspapers, had these kind words of praise for the book:

"Reads like a Saturday morning action cartoon, as written by Peter C. Newman."

The folks over at AICN Comics! have posted a very thoughtful and glowing review of this book:

"Visually, NORTHWEST PASSAGE is among the finest-looking books on the market. The characters are cartooned with true individuality and larger-than-life features, from the heroic jut of Lord's barrel chest to Montglave's snakey leanness. The Jeff Smith influence is unmistakable in the beautifully varied linework, character designs, and textured backgrounds, but more broadly, the visuals simply speak to the best in animation-style. ... Recommended with rugged, manly enthusiasm."

Here is another nice review from David Welsh over at Precocious Curmudgeon:

"Chantler packs the book with action, and he layers it with plenty of interpersonal conflicts. Everyone in the large cast of characters gets a moment to shine as the tension builds. Twists and turns pile up without ever derailing the story. And Chantler's art is as snappy and stylish as ever. All of the elements come together to make a tremendously entertaining comic."

Johanna Draper Carlson, over at ComicsWorthReading.com has posted another glowing review:

"If you've been looking for a gripping, meaty read with larger-than-life heroes, this is the series for you."

Greg McElhatton over at ReadAboutComic.com had this to say:

"What I really loved about Northwest Passage, though, was the art. When I first saw Chantler's art for Northwest Passage it was unlettered pages of the book, and I was amazed at how well each page held up without dialogue; even though you didn't know the actual words being spoken, you still understood exactly what was going on thanks to the character's expressions and body language. It's not an easy feat to pull off, doubly so when you were planning on there being dialogue added in later on, but Chantler pulls it off. It also helps a great deal that Chantler's got a wonderful way of illustrating characters, almost like a cross between animation and a New Yorker illustration. It's a very classic, clean sort of look and I've got no complaints with it of any sort."

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