Oni Press finds O'Malley 'Lost At Sea'

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[Lost At Sea]This October, Oni Press and Bryan Lee O'Malley wash up on the shelves of comic shops everywhere in the form of the new original graphic novel LOST AT SEA. O'Malley, who comic fans will remember as the artist of last year's smash HOPELESS SAVAGES miniseries, GROUND ZERO, handles all aspects of this tale of a teenager named Raleigh, stuck on a cross-country road trip with three other kids she doesn't know and doesn't really want to know.

"Bryan's unique voice is a welcome addition to the chorus of comic creation," commented editor James Lucas Jones. "In LOST AT SEA, he's mixed real emotion, compelling and witty characters, and a touch of the surreal into a haunting comic melody. Readers will find themselves falling into Raleigh's song. She may think her problem is one of a kind, but anyone who's been through the trials and tribulations of adolescence will know the truth."

Raleigh might not have a soul. She doesn't think she does, anyway. She's fairly certain a cat stole it when she was younger. The same incident may or may not have turned her two younger siblings into cats, too. She's not sure. Her mom never talks about them, but Raleigh is sure she remembers it happening. Now, Raleigh, a smart, weird, loner girl (who may or may not have a soul) is stuck getting a ride with Ian, Dave, and Steph-three high school friends who went to her school but who she never ever socialized with. Can these three strangers help Raleigh find what she's looking for or has she really had everything she needed all along?

"LOST AT SEA is about Raleigh finding her way home," added O'Malley. "Raleigh (and Ian and Dave and Steph) slowly realize that a map won't always tell you where you're going or how to get there. Sometimes you just have to go in the direction your heart tells you."

"Bryan's on a trip, too," concluded Jones. "He's growing as an artist and a storyteller in every LOST AT SEA sequence. But while the end of Raleigh's journey is just about in sight, Bryan has a long career of great comic making ahead of him!"

LOST AT SEA ships October 29, 2003, retails for $11.95, and is suitable for teen readers on up. It has 160 pages of black-and-white story and art with a full color cover.

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